CF’s weekly scene schedule (tip @ Jason401)

Corbin Fisher mentioned an update EVERYDAY but they forgot to mention two of the scenes were from their archives. This is good for those guys who did not buy a CF Select scene.

Sunday is an ACM duo


Monday is an ACM solo or bj


Tuesday is from the CF Select archive


Wednesday is an ACS duo


Thursday is an ACM duo


Friday is from the CF Select archive


Saturday ACS trio


Up to when can they offer the everyday update since CF Select archives will not last forever?

11 thoughts on “CF’s weekly scene schedule (tip @ Jason401)

  1. That Jeff/Josh scene is an old one from the CF Select archive. It was previously available for sale individually and has now been added to the membership site. There are several other old CFS scenes that will be released from the archive on Tuesdays and Fridays, it seems.

  2. CF already had a serious issue with retaining talent, that is why they have become so reliant on old regulars like Quinn. Its become boring.
    How is producing more content going to change that.

  3. There is a stench of death around Corbin Fisher these days…
    The videos are identical (so are the guys) and they just go through a checklist of sex acts…they’re also shaved and preened and now the quality of the videos is going downhill too.

  4. VERY WELL PRESENTED – Denz,…”LOOKS FABULOUS”!!….and from what comments I’m reading so far,…NOT too many people are HAPPY with CF. LOL!!!

  5. I have no complaints about them releasing CFS content. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I never was thrilled about the “exclusive” CFS content in the first place. It seemed a slap in the face for loyal subscribers. The fact that they now are finally releasing that content on ACM is a good thing. I prefer the older models to the newer ones anyway, so getting to see Jeff, Connor, Tom, Aiden, etc. etc. etc. works for me. Regarding the sex acts… come on… there are only so many ways to have sex; you’re paying to see different people perform them. I can understand the fact you might not like particular models, but complaining about the variety of sex acts is a little disingenuous.

  6. [quote:DENZ] Up to when can they offer the everyday update since CF Select archives will not last forever? [/quote]
    Up to November 7th,..CFSelect had 225 Exclusive Scenes…therefore with TWO archive being re-posted into the ACM website,…Corbin has a 113 weeks (25 months) of CFS contents available.
    My concern is on their Saturday’s ACS-TRIO … as Corbin mentioned in a Pete’s Attic commentary,..ACS-Bi Tag Team (BTT) is the most costly to produce (obviously having to pay THREE models).
    With a NEW Str8 scene each Wednesday, … and a NEW-BTT on Saturday,..that’s an expensive budget for a GAY-Studio predominately devoted to GUY/GUY action. Corbin is well-known for “PULLING-the-PLUG” as he did with GuysGoneBi, putting the SCREWS to me with only 17 exclusive updates of which 13 were re-posted at ACS from April 2014. (Those GGBi scenes that featured SEAN III, were not re-shared on ACS)
    I agree with GERRY… on the use of the word “EXCLUSIVE”. I think CF should have used the phrase “PAY-PER-VIEW” when they first introduced CFSelect.

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