Aron Matthews is now an aspiring bodybuilder

Aron Matthews worked in gay porn from 2011 to 2012. He did solos for Spunk Worthy and Dirty Tony. He got tickled by Jason Strong and was jerked off by a guy in Screen Test 32.

Thennow_aronmatthews_02 Thennow_aronmatthews_02b 

He did str8 porn.


After that, the last news I've heard of him was that he was part of the movie 1313: UFO Invasion.

He is back, just read it at QMN. He announced his comeback via twitter. His profile said he was an aspiring bodybuilder.


12 thoughts on “Aron Matthews is now an aspiring bodybuilder

  1. A flip-flop scene with Aron Matthews and Randy Blue’s newcomer Logan Milano would be awesome! 🙂

  2. AARON is a CUTIE/very HANDSOME…BUT working for the wrong studios.
    He needs to jump he fence and pair with either CF-COLT or JACOB. He would also be a “Heart-Throb” @ ACS.
    Bodybuilder?? … Oh No!!…Aaron needs to do a bit more PORN before following CF-Dawson’s shadows.

  3. I think he’s really cute and I wish he would stop bulking. I also wish he would go smash some dudes and let me watch.

  4. Have always liked Aron. I saw him interviewed and he was very smart and funny. Very down to earth.
    I do prefer him as a twink! ha And he is beautiful.

  5. He was hot leaner. He’s too pumped up now. Guess he’s trying to find a new image. Last call he was doing erotic massage work on Rent boy cheap.
    Hope it all works out for him.

  6. I remember he was doing erotic massages on rent boy and Man Works in New York under the name of Eric.

  7. He’s too buffed up.Saw him on a live chat site recently. His profile says he’s into men, transsexuals and women and you can book him.

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