Lets help Chaos Men, we don’t want him to stop making videos (tip @ Jason401)

We all know gay porn companies have been hurting due to piracy. Chaos Men is now more vocal about it. They are asking fans to report pirated content to Porn Guardian.


If we want Chaos Men to last for a long time, we better help.

46 thoughts on “Lets help Chaos Men, we don’t want him to stop making videos (tip @ Jason401)

  1. Before that warning, I used to watch a LOT of free porn and didn’t give it much thought. Now I subscribe to over 20 sites each month. And once my foreclosure and credit card judgments get settled, I hope to be able to give them a little more.

  2. I’d previously been a member of Chaos Men since back in his “Chaos In Austin” days, when I’d first discovered gay porn on the internet (geez I feel old.)But just this month I finally decided to end my membership, bc i realized, there’s no passion amongst the models. don’t why I’m saying this, since it has nothing to do with pirating videos. but there it is.

  3. CM, CF SC and so on should consider PPV. Would seem the easiest solution (if at reasonable prices). Membership commitment is an “all in” proposal. Just of the three mentioned look at how similar every scene is. Same models in the same setting. This is why I choose more amateur stuff and avoid studio BS. Even the am solo scenes are less contrived. The big boys need to look at what makes the viewers tick! Bryan had a good thing with his selfie style videos but they should be of unknowns not his stars.
    Piracy is always going to be a battle. They need to change their arsenal.

  4. To add
    I was a Chaos member for about 7 years and all it did was fail to produce and Bryan seems to focus more on honing his skills than the scene…FAIL

  5. Pirating, however illegal or unethical it may be, is here to stay … especially with some sites charging $30 or more per month with relatively few updates. That’s just worth paying $1/day.

  6. If you subscribe to over 20 sites each month, financial problems are the least of your problemss. You might want to check out a good Addiction 12 Step Program.

  7. Thanks for the advice. I’m be sure to print your suggestion out and then wipe my ass with it.

  8. I won’t pay $1 per day for any subscription. It must be an incredible series of scenes for someone who does these days.
    I do, however, support CM. Bryan is one of the few independents now, is a real gay guy (albeit with his own baggage, but no different from the rest of the ratbaggery) and is worthy of support from the community to keep on doing his best. He can’t help it if it is getting more difficult to keep up the stream of hunks from the past.
    I’d much rather pay Bryan a monthly subscription than support the lazy GoFundMe requests.
    Maybe the way to go is pay per scene. You can download individual scenes from Kristen Bjorn for $4.85 instead of an on-going membership. That works well for me.

  9. I am absolutely not interested in any subscription to any site! why should I pay for models I don’t like??? On average, 1 of 5 clips from Sean Cody or Chaosmen or the others I really like.
    Now saying that, i wish there was a way to AVOID subscription altogether and pay individually for every clip produced, say $3 to $5 a clip. i wouldn’t mind that at all, if it is a clip with hot actors I like, barebaking and doing it all.
    Also – for me a blow job scene is no porn. Solo’s are also boring as hell. Why should anyone pay for this? if there is no anal, preferably flip-flop, there is no porn in my books.
    There is another reason I don’t watch Czech porn – they never cum in the ass, only on the face. Again. this is BORING as hell. And that’s why Belami I never watch. Never! no matter how hot the guys are (some of them are hot I admit, but they are mostly completely lucking in charisma and sex appeal. Just beautiful robots. Not interested).
    Chaosmen is one of the finest studios, and mostly have above average jocks there. Some of them over the years have been seriously hot. but the way it is set up at the moment is wrong. I wouldn’t mind parting from $3-5 a scene if it is a really good one. I don’t mean streaming (I hate streaming and never use these sites) I mean $5 for a download only function. Simply to buy it. Maybe they will go this way at some point.

  10. I feel for these companies and what is going on with them. But, to tell you the truth the way they treat their models like they are pieces of meat and not treating them well all the while they are getting rich off of them. Piracy is one thing that is not going to go anywhere just like hackers. They are not going to go anywhere, stop them one way and they find another way to get back to where they were in the first place. If they go out then new studios need to take over and get new stuff out there to come alive. I laugh at the studios bc they think they can fight piracy. Not happening.

  11. I do not sub either not worth money. Sorry for saying that.
    Model are robot. No passtion at all. And service scene not impress to watch either

  12. CM does give you the option of buying individual scenes, but it’s cheaper to sub for a month than to buy 4 or 5 scenes.

  13. I agree. I’d happily pay $15 for any scene with Vander in it, but I’m not paying a monthly fee when a vast majority of the scenes are something I wouldn’t even look at for free.
    It would also give a sense as to which models/types of scenes are most popular. If no one pays for the serviced videos, then stop making them, or add them in as a free bonus when someone buys another scene.

  14. I’m only interested in a site if I can download & keep copies of videos. ( I do wonder if younger folk feel the same tho, or are ok with streaming only.)
    I typically join a site once a year for a month or so (usually when there’s a sale) & download everything interesting from the past year. That’s my balance between financial support & fiscal responsibility.

  15. See my comment about buying individual scenes at Kristen Bjorn. You can buy them.
    Check out the latest scenes at WilliamHiggins for Euro-internals. Arny takes internals in the hot scene with Alan and also in the latest Wank Party. Things are improving.

  16. I’m all for supporting, but I’ve been burned by a lot of big sites (fratpad most recently) that I totally understand the urge to never pay again.
    I have a paid subscription to Chaosmen and plan to keep it. It’s the only site other than Sean Cody that always delivers for me.

  17. I don’t support piracy, but also snitching.
    Either start using the solutions that better protect your content, or change your bisness model to PPD only. It doesn’t eliminate piracy entirely, but will certainly decrease it.
    The other side, Dominic Ford makes good money on his Pronguardian project these days. Increasing number of gay sites already use his service.

  18. Well, the music industry has been unsuccessful in putting a stop to piracy; I doubt the porn industry will be able to do better, sadly.
    I do think that porn studios need to do something different. There seems to be a rigidity and lack of interest in making changes to how studios operate. From how they allow their models to work, how scenes are shot, how they handle consumer feedback. I often feel sites like Chaos and SC are more concerned with how the owner of the site is allowed to express their sexual interests rather than that of the consumer.
    A lot of blame is put on piracy for the downfall of prone, but I challenge studios to ask if they are creating content anyone wants to pay for? You can spend hours trolling through the nasty that is on some of these sites about any given scene, but I would suggest that with the advent of so many new sites and competition within the industry, my dollar can leave your site for another more easily than in the past. I remember when we had SC, RB, CF and CM to choose from…and maybe BA if you wanted to hop across the pond. Now there are at least two dozen more sites. You can argue their levels of quality, but even a loss in 10% of subscriptions to someplace like GayHoopla is a significant blow to profits.
    Loyalty to the consumer, is another example of what went wrong with porn. Let’s use CF for an example: The expansion of his site to include additional PPV videos outside of the already astronomical cost (I think at one point it was 39.99 for a basic subscription) was taken as a slap in the face by many of his loyal members who had been there from the beginning. It was clearly an attempt to recover more revenue and was sold as an opportunity to see more from the models. It did not work and what did it leave the studio with? A fractured member pool and many who probably dropped out around that point. You can tell they are trying to make repairs to that broken trust, but it was too many years too late I think.
    The cost is another issue–porn prices started skyrocketing around the beginning of the greatest recession in US history; not to mention the impact on the whole world economy. You think raising prices on a commodity that is this whimsical of an expense was smart? Adding back to my point of the consumer feeling slighted, the prices went up for those who were willing to pay–those steeling did not feel that increase. I’d challenge that it encouraged some to seek out sites to pirate content. I know I was grandfathered into my original prices, but for those who were the occasional subscription buyers (two/three times a year) what was he incentive for them to join back? Now there is a call to arms from studios asking that the consumer come save them?
    Okay, I could go on about this, but I have to get to class.

  19. I wonder if there really is trouble at Chaos Men?
    Griffin was on cam4 again earlier this week and once again talked about his contract and how it was due to expire in April. He previously said that he wanted to try other studios.
    Perhaps he’s hardballin’ Brian, trying to raise his profile before he renegotiates his contract or perhaps he just knows that CM is struggling and wants to get out?

  20. He should make a move.
    SC should make a statement about their new era and snatch this guy up–we don’t really care if you all recruit guys from other studios if they’re hot and great performers. If SC doesn’t go after him, CF certainly should. Although, they seem to be overwhelmed with models at the moment….especially when they dig Dawson back up now and again.

  21. Griffin is cute but I am not sure even with his improved physique that he fits in with Sean Cody’s aesthetic. Plus the last thing Sean Cody needs is another bottom.
    CF desperately need some new talent. They need some tops.

  22. Great points.
    I actually think the GayHoopla/Voyeur Boys business format is probably the future of Gayporn.
    The Voyeur Boys make an absolute fortune from chaturbate. I think part of the reason is that the boys are accessible, they chat and interact and seem like real people, which in turn inspires people to tip them even more. Its a lucrative business with little or no costs attached.

  23. I think Chaosmen is a great value (longtime subscriber for $19.99), with 3 updates each week. The variety of guys are great not just one standard look but a wide spectrum. My only complaint is that sometimes the scenes are so rehearsed that it lacks passion – they can take a lesson from Bel Ami. Plus there’s so few facials…and often a lot of solos don’t materialize into duos or more.

  24. The KB scenes are filmed very well and download quickly. I’ve been careful to make sure the one-off purchases are completely downloaded before I close the link in case they are lost forever because of the one-off nature.
    I’m deciding whether to let the WH subscription expire. The downloads take forever and I agree that the scenes are generally pretty boring. Their latest scenes, eg. the ones I mentioned, are an improvement, but still not of the quality that you get with SC, CF, CM. An internal does not make for passion.

  25. Maybe piracy the cause for studios treating models like shit? If Michael Lucas and Dallas Reeves had enough money in the bank their business practices wouldn’t probably as shady as they are now.

  26. The assumption that PornGuardian works, is a big myth. Its good for Dominic Ford’s bank account though. Once a gay porn scene is on a torrent website PornGuardian can’t do anything about it. There are so many File Host Companies (often located in countries lacking laws against piracy) that it is impossible to prevent a scene from becoming pirated. File Hosts are like the dragon in a computer game: if you chop its head off three new ones will appear.

  27. In the economic crisis of the early 1980s porn was pretty recession proof. Maybe some thought it would be recession proof in the present economic crisis?
    The rise in gay porn piracy was in sync with the rise in internet speed. The years 2008-2009 were the period when piracy massively began to hurt the gay porn studios.
    Don’t know if PPV is the solution. A big group of people is not willing to pay for gay porn and that is not going to change with PPV.
    I think there are simply too many gay porn studios. Many people seem to forget that the gay porn audience is small (don’t give me that “1-in-10” crap).

  28. Good points. You brought up competition, which is lacking in the earlier comments. It is probably the biggest factor in the current changes to the industry. Because of the evolution of the internet and its increasing bandwidth, and the development of software and devices to make porn for delivery over the enhanced internet, anyone can become a producer of porn. Porn sites have proliferated (look at all the ones discussed on this site), but it is doubtful that the porn $ has increased because of the flat wages in most countries, eg. the last 20 years in the US. So competition is more intense than it was for the first movers when the internet distribution channel became available. Competitive pressures probably resulted in the takeover of SC, and all studios are reducing their fees thanks to competition.

  29. SC was bought by Men.com so SC is hurting too. The one thing that hurt SC was that he only allows his models to have a certain amount of scenes than gets rid of them. Not a good thing to have in the porn business.

  30. sure I would support them if they will thank you by offering you $9.95 rate for a long term member like seancody. but now I only help CF and CM only when they have a membership sale

  31. I don’t like this. I don’t want Bryan to stop making videos or Chaos Men to be Corbin Fisher 2.0 but this does indeed not to stop. Sites like Chaos Men and Sean Cody might end up like Stag Homme or how Bel Ami used to be: when you download a video, you can’t watch it unless you download a copyright agreement. Once you’re no longer a member, you lose the ability to watch the video.

  32. I agree with Ames. I would pay a premium price to watch anything with Vander and, for that matter, Bay, Byron, Brenner and Griffin, too. As for the Serviced scenes, I also tend to gravitate to the Raw videos and only a few of the Serviced scenes are as good. The major takeaway is more Vander, Bay & Byron please!

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