Bravo Delta “someone in that group gave me chlamydia”

The most awkward porn scene for Bravo Delta was the orgy scene [gallery] of Cocky Boys titled "Boys to Adore Galore".


According to him "Everyone was tired and uncomfortable by the end, Max Ryder almost fell over from exhaustion, JD Phoenix was laying on the most uncomfortable wooden box ever, half of us couldn’t cum right away…"

THE WORST OF IT "someone in that group gave me chlamydia. There. I said it. For the hundredth time…"


7 thoughts on “Bravo Delta “someone in that group gave me chlamydia”

  1. Considering that he’s got a Rentboy ad and presumably isn’t having a monogamous relationship off camera, can he really be certain that this scene was the source of his chlamydia? The incubation period is often several weeks or even months.

  2. He did a scene with Deviant Otter, whom was barebacking Max Cameron, yet someone here gave him chlamydia… What is the saying, lay with dogs you’ll get fleas. Having sex with people you know are abusing drugs to have sex…. Dude you messy.

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