First bisexual scene at Men is with Arad Winwin, Daxx Carter & Silvia Saige (tip @ Tchelo)

Early this month, Arad Winwin teased his fans by asking Men to film his first bisexual scene.

Why do I get the feeling now that it was already filmed when he teased his fans? Anyway, his first bisexual scene at Men will include Daxx Carter (who is known as Buck Carter & did str8 porn for Hot Guys Fuck) and it will be released in 4 days (August 01, 2018).






Scene description “Beefy stud Daxx Carter and brunette bombshell Silvia Saige are taking bets on who could suck and tease chiseled, exotic Arad Winwin’s thick cock the best! The tattooed hunk is more than happy to have his dick sucked and slobbered on as they each take turns deep throating his cock. He’s even more excited to fuck their tight holes so he can decide who the best fuck is! He starts off by pounding Silvia’s wet pussy until Daxx props his ass up doggy style to get rammed and soon, a hot threesome ensues.


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