A common complaint on fan sites

A back to back solo at Chaos Men with lovers in real life – Beaux Matthews & Dick Dawson.



In the solo description of Beaux, Chaos Men stated that the couple wanted to shoot with great lightning & excellent camera work – not common with fan sites.


The couple are up next at Chaos Men.






The couple uploaded some of their homemade scenes at Raw Fuck Club.

22 thoughts on “A common complaint on fan sites

  1. That’s true. As much as mobile companies love to claim their phone cameras are suitable for professional shoots, mobile videos are still grainy and washed out compared to actual professional-grade cameras. Being an experienced videographer. producer and editor also goes a long way in making high-quality videos.

  2. “Great lighting and excellent camera work”? Blowing your trumpet much? CM was never exactly famous for that and even less so now that Bryan’s gone.
    I don’t mean to cast aspersions, but do those guys really think lighting is going to do anything for them? Yeesh, but that second guy looks haggard and they should stick to poor quality lighting at home, because they don’t exactly look good in HD.

  3. Not attracted to these models but yes I agree with their point that professional porn has better camerawork than fansite porn. So much fansite stuff is just staring at the top’s hole for a half hour as he pounds the bottom’s hole. I mean really?

  4. Beaux & Dick had a very good scene in “Califuckingfornia” from Falcon with Dan Saxon and Dakota Payne. They are a hot couple and have also done a couple of Treasure Island vids.

  5. Treasure Island is such a gross studio. Every model that works for that site is a gross deviant.

  6. In the early days, the most horrific and literally diseased “models” worked there. I’ll never forgive them for their straight gang bang, but even in 2021…the site and the guys working on it, are rancid.

  7. Here’s the problem with fan site videos: a lot of models simply don’t have the room to shoot good scenes. If they’re working out of a 12 by 12 foot bedroom or cheap motel room, they’re not going to have room enough for the camera to capture a good image since the camera needs to be further back away from the models. Once you can get the camera further back you can use a lens longer than the distorted wide and ultra-wide angle lenses on most phones. At least some newer phones have settings they call telephoto which are closer to normal lenses without the distortion. But if the guys can’t find a bigger room to shoot in, the video will never look that great. (Another future airbnb ad highlight: rooms big enough to shoot porn in.)

  8. Yep, or that scene that Adam Russo and Jack Dixxon did that focused on a child molestation fantasy involving a 5 year old. Outright pedophilia shit. That studio should be black listed.

  9. I maintain that there is a conspiracy to brand gay porn, with paedophilia. It’s being derived, perverted, associated with molestation, rape, incest, deviancy and paedophilia. Homosexuality is under attack, but no one seems to realize it. We’re being attacked, not blatantly, but insidiously and that’s far more dangerous.

  10. I blame the acronym. Prior to LGBT+, things were fine and gays and lesbians were making steady progress. It’s been nothing but back sliding since the acronym took over.

  11. Studio porn is generally far better recorded than fansite porn in my experience. Bryan Okert’s videography skills are some of the best and you can expect all Chaosmen scenes to be filmed well and cover all the hot action. No doubt that will change with the new owners. NDS seems to be making a bit of effort with videography quality recently. As for fansite porn, there is a very wide range of videography skills with few performers being very good. As well, many performers charge a monthly subscription including just clips of scenes and then expect you to pay a few bucks for the full scene in addition to the monthly subscription. That is just a money trap. For fansites, I wait until there are specials for particular models and check out their work for just a month. I never pay for both a monthly subscription and per scene.

  12. they have been a risky fuck in the public places, street/balcony/gym locker room/sauna/toilet/beach/shopping mall
    for me, Those were more hot than a boring studio porn

  13. This is so true, because the models actually want to fuck each other rather than being financially forced to fuck each other. With most fan site porn, the models collaborate on the scene with neither getting paid up front and just relying on their separate distribution of the scene to earn their money. And more importantly, the models can leave it up to their own imagination as to what positions to use and for how long, rather than having to take “direction” from “producers” who in most cases are straight, and think the viewers want to see a straight man’s concept of gay sex.

  14. Seems like you and Reg agree on everything. It’s hard to imagine that there are two different posters that are so consistently negative. LOL.

  15. BTW, do you think the pedo themed porn that Treasure Island produced was fine? I’d like to know what you find so offensive about calling them out.

  16. There are pros and cons to only fans or just4fans. At least in these fan videos people are more genuine they are having sex with someone they are attracted to. Some people do got good camera work. Gabriel Cross gets a lot of hate here BUT his videos are professional. He clearly takes time to deal with lighting and angles ect. Studio porn can be boring due to Same tired formula.

  17. I swear that when anyone signs-up to OnlyFans, they get a free Gabriel Cross cameo. I don’t think I’ve seen a single porn star who doesn’t have a GC video.

  18. Yeah, tell me about it. My finger hovered over the download button for this scene but I started to think more closely about their faces and I just thought I don’t think the fact they might have nice pretty hard cocks can overcome their not even being mediocre looking. Pass!

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