Steve Cruz, Xavier Zane (Chris of SC), Owen Hawk, Peter Pounder, Allen King, Mickey Taylor and more

28 thoughts on “Steve Cruz, Xavier Zane (Chris of SC), Owen Hawk, Peter Pounder, Allen King, Mickey Taylor and more

  1. Sylvanis? Ewww. Not a fan of getting someone who committed (virtual) murder and genocide tattooed on a body.

    Rob @Butch1032 His name is Marko Lebeau.

    1. The tattoo itself is good, very well done. What happens is people exaggerate and cover large parts of their skin with tattoos. In many cases, the best option is complete removal.

  2. Allen King is one of my all time favorite gay porn stars. He’s a good looking sexy cock hungry bottom and that’s a real good thing.

  3. Just because a guy wears a cowboy hat does not make him a cowboy. You are delusional if you think this way Brock Banks.

    If you are going to have your nails done it doesn’t make you any more of a man but more of a woman, especially if you have them painted like women do.

  4. Ace Banner and Tyler Saint have amazing schlongs. I remember Ace cumming without hands in the end of a scene that was unforgettable.

    1. The tattoo is hideous. What a huge proof of bad taste this one will carry on his belly. I’ll be totally ashamed if I had tjis shit on me.

  5. Jarret Moon – Wow, this dude is crazy. I really dont know who or what people are his “fans” or why but I don’t get it at all. He is a ticking time bomb, an arrest in his future, or body bag.
    Steve Cruz – Every week? damn, we get it man, you are not a racist and the most perfect guy ever, ok?
    Dallas Steele – Boo Hoo, mommy doesn’t like me… Dude, Stop trying to hang onto yesterday, it OVER! Move on.
    Travis Stevens – You just keep getting better and better. Great performer, Hot body, and seemingly good guy.
    Owen Hawk – You are a professional. The porn world misses guys like you.
    Allen King – see the above, same. You have been doing it right for a long time now.
    Mickey Taylor – Exact opposite of above. Please go, cancel your social media, Be Gone Already.

  6. Steve…change the record, or are you trying to get all of your “I have black friends” to agree with you?

    Jarret…biological dad? It wouldn’t actually surprise me.

    Orlando…you succeeded in sounding like one.

    Jason…haven’t you ruined your body enough already?

    Owen…success? Really?

    1. Owen Hawk came into the gay porn industry in the early 2000s and immediately worked with several high-profile studios and directors. As an in demand performer his enthusiasm and skills helped create many memorable scenes. Yes, a solid performer requires skills. On top of which, Owen was reliable in that studios and consumers could expect excellent scenes from him.

      After three years as a porn star, while continuing to work with other brands, Owen Hawk started his own company Raw Fuck Club (RFC). Once it gained footing he focused his energies on that alone. RFC fulfilled a niche and became 1 of 2 major studios producing bareback porn. As bareback porn became less controversial and more mainstream Owen shifted gears and created an “independent producer” platform for other performers to make money by uploading their own videos. This was on the ground floor with OF though made different as producers are compensated based on quality of work instead of individual fan subscriptions. Channel owners are monetarily incentivized to upload hot fucking videos, the duds and crappy clips seen elsewhere are practically nonexistent. Throughout all of this Owen Hawk made a lot of money and is still making money.

      You know who does all this shit? Someone with a plan, able to analyze the market and adapt when necessary to meet consumer demands. A successful businessman.

      Learn to keep your head out your ass.

    2. Piling on here to say you’re full of shit re: Owen Hawk. If nothing else, he’s a legend for his scene with Joey Milano in Alabama Takedown. Do your homework.

    1. Dallas Steele is not aging well and all the free nip & tucks will not help in the slightest. The sun is really damaging his skin and making him wrinkle really bad. Even the working out is making it worse. He does not look good at all. He really needs to get out of being in front of cameras. SERIOUSLY GO INTO HIDING!

  7. Well, someone must have pulled Steve Cruz’s card for his own history of racial problematicness…….

    And still no sign of naming the racist……….

  8. Will someone please give Cruz a gold metal for being the best non-racist ever? Then maybe he’s STFU.

  9. Do these guys ever get tired of filming these massive orgy scenes for OnlyFans? It always turns out boring because there’s too much going on. All I see are orgy after orgy and gangbangs for all these models now. Do people really want to see that? Now they’re making up “country” shtick to go with it too, OMG.

    Sometimes I feel like it’s more stealth bragging “wish you were here!” than actual content making for these guy.

    1. Completely agree. The production value is often so bad that it’s just not very sexy. Worst of all, holding their iPhones as cameras right in the scenes. Luckily, I’ve recently discovered porn from the early 2000’s.

      1. There are great movies from the 2000s. These orgy scenes are so cheap, ugly and confusing, you can’t watch who’s who. Only parts of bodies appear, the head of one, the hand of another, and so on. And the use of iPhones as cameras only makes what is bad enough worse.

    2. I agree because usually in the big orgies the camera focuses on guys I am not interested in. Yet the camera man ignores the guys I like. They always come across as forced and a big mess. I wonder who is financing these big orgies? These models are professionals so I am guessing they got paid. Adrian Hart said it took five days to shoot the whole thing. So who pays for transportation? Who pays for food and housing for the models? Someone with a lot of money is paying for this.

      1. I think they all pitch in and pay for their own lodging and food. They film the big orgy, and each uploads some version of it to their fansite channels. Extra content also comes from various combinations of filmed hookups.

        That’s what makes sense to me anyway.

      2. I say the same. In scenes of orgies, only the guys I don’t like appear and those I like almost never appear. The worst thing is whoever I don’t like is shown over and over again. That’s why I don’t waste my time with orgy scenes.

  10. STEVE CRUZ: Someone made a lying accusation about him and he’s right to defend himself. But this talk about racism is over. Nobody else wants to hear it.
    DDYLONLEGS: And fans get rude responses, mocking comments from pornstars dazzled by fame and Ghosting, which is very rude. It’s tie.
    OWEN HAWKS: I agree. On OnlyFans or in the studio. Reign of Raging Stallion is there to prove it. The top that tweeted wants to keep the “hole intact”.
    MICKEY TAYLOR: Spoke the truth. Many people on Gay Porn are “friends” out of sheer interest, but run away if someone asks for help. They are selfish narcissists. I hope this lawsuit ends as soon as possible.

  11. Dallas – I was a fan, however, less is more especially now that you need to “pump” to get hard.

    Travis & others that pain their nails – big pass!

    Allen King – well deserved, very sexy!

    Mickey Taylor – won’t be missed, but sure to return when nothing else works out.

    Ace Banner and Tyler Saint – both very sexy men

    Owen – I like your videos… but attitude, oh yes you do have it

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