Collin Simpson “Anybody wanna see a come back? Thinking about it.”

13 thoughts on “Collin Simpson “Anybody wanna see a come back? Thinking about it.”

  1. These former Gayhoopla models. La El didn’t teach me wise business sense, huh? Collin and Sean can’t read the room.

  2. On October 13th, when asked if he was filming with any studios, Collin tweeted: “ No, I’m retired; I haven’t filmed for a studio sumince late January, 2021. When I realized I was completely in love with my Fiance, I actually left the set of a shoot because I could not, in good conscience, share my body with another. She is the love of my life”

    Literally a little more than 2 weeks later: Waaaahhh! Gays where are you?? I can’t afford to take care of my fiancée or my step kids. I’ll do ANYTHING for money! Y’all wanna see my ass get blown out by a huge dick? Men y’all hiring?? Gayhoopla please take me back! Pleeasseee help me!

    Seriously, what could’ve happened in those two weeks that would make him come crawling back to porn? Did he, his fiancée or step kids have a medical emergency or something? I would seriously love to know. Is his fiancée okay with her future husband begging for money on the internet? She’s really going to marry someone who is not able to provide for her or her kids? I’m not trying to kick him while he’s down, I know anything can happen in life. But come on, does he not have a job?

    1. Perhaps his past porn activities don’t go over very well where he’s living in the white supremacy capital of America. He has at least 2 videos of him fucking women of color and that’s a real no-no in his neighborhood. So that would definitely impact on his job search. Or perhaps he wasn’t paying rent during the pandemic and now that the rent’s due, he has to hustle and the Amazon warehouses are fully staffed.

    2. Believe they split. She was drinking or something and he is sober. If this keeps helps him stay clean, knock yourself out Colin. Wasn’t a fan before and won’t be now. But hope you keep sober

  3. Collin- go back to your trailer park. The gays don’t want you!

    Ethan – cute 🙂

    Chris – do better… watch your kid around animals. Don’t blame others & don’t let her near unknown animals.

    Clark – guess you are getting us ready for your scene with Malik… yawn!

    Sean – stop the roids!

    Pierce – Nobody wants to listen to you!

    Dolf – you need major mental health assistance!

  4. Sean Costin is obnoxiously insecure and it’s annoying rather than entertaining at this point.

  5. Collin Simpson GO GET A JOB! No one wants you in the gay porn industry. Support another man’s children with your own sweat and not by getting fucked by another man or fucking another man. If you took the responsibility of caring for someone elses children then man up and do it on your own.

    Sean Costin who cares what you look like you are an idiot that wants someone to take care of you but, you are putting stipulations on your way of having someone take care of you. No one is going to take care of your bills and be somewhere else other than where you are. Besides steroids are going to destroy your heart and you will end up with heart failure. Who the hell are you calling senseless and childish men. You are the senseless and childish person for asking someone to support you but you are not going to live with the person that does this for you. You have got to be the biggest dumbass that’s alive for wanting these stipulations toward someone that is going to be giving you their hard earned money so you can live the luxury lifestyle you want. You really need to go crawl back under the rock from which you came from.

    Dolf you really need to get some serious mental help, you can voluntarily admit yourself into a mental hospital so you can get the help you need.

  6. I’m more intrigued by Collin’s ego and the fact that he thinks he’s god’s gift to gay men. I pray for that kind of boldness. I never liked him: don’t get the hype.

    The toe fungus on homeboy’s feet almost made me throw up. The fact hat he posted that all matter of factly is questionable and disgusting.

  7. Chris Damned, just because you have sex with men on camera, doesn’t mean you get to throw around the F word as an insult.

  8. Pierce the hardest part of your job is to be the hardest with your parts for your job. Like what the hell?!?

    Darenger, feel better…

    Damn where had Kip been? I kind of loss my interest when he started diving deep into female dominatrix porn.

    Dolf you and your weird lover Jack have been fucking much more than men over the past years. Don’t play us with that shit.

    Colin Simpson & Sean Costin. Nothing bothers me more than these type of guys who have both stated their disdain for gay sex and gay men. Who have both one week said they’re done and they need distance to better themselves just to a few weeks later want to return and beg their way into the gay industry or have a gay sugar daddy with shitty benefits.

    Any gay man that defends this nature, we revoke your memberships and return your rainbow cards immediately to the front desk. We also suggest that you find some slither of self respect and stop letting these guys glaze you over with a hot body just to later throw homophobic trash in your face.

    Chris to the I Be Damned, listen here… I hope your daughter is fine and safe but next time pick her up and move through when dealing with dogs in that manner. I’ve done it before with my nephews and nieces. Like the feeling you have towards those poochies, I get the same feeling when I here a man of your nature using the F slur. Looks like your true colors are sliding out in that ill thought sentence and fellas take note of this. Just keep this in your back pocket next time you’re watching him having sex with what he most likely refers to as f***ots!

    1. ethan and trent are handsome as are aiden garcia and seth is sebastian…the rest are just a mess

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