8 thoughts on “Michael Woods, Grant Ducatti, Christian Ace & Francisco Ranniero

  1. thank god kristen bjorn can find attractive guys to do porn. it’s like the other studios just gave up and said ‘we’ll pay you in meth or ink”.

    1. Europeans are a different kind of hot. Plus they’re not totally into social media unlike their US counterparts, the problem is when they cross the pond, they become like their counterparts

  2. Ian Holms last name doesn’t have an “e.”

    The Bait Buddies scene looks…unfortunate, and that site’s ridiculous. I guess the setup will be that Sean Duran, who has done a thousand scenes including bottoming in a gangbang, is curious about maybe exploring gay sex. I guess Bait Buddies is enough people’s cup of tea, though, bc seems like it’s been around a long time. My imagination just isn’t good enough to believe that Chad Brock/Colin Steele, Rikk York, Trey Turner, et al have never had gay sex.

    1. So, that is why the search came out empty for Ian Holmes. His name has now been removed from the title since he was already in the newbies to watch where his name had an E. On Say Uncle, it’s Holmes & not Holms.

      Thank you.

    1. Andy seems to have been around for a very long time, but the earliest I could find was from 2015, which would have made him 29 when he started. I’m sure it was before then, especially since he seems to be having a comeback now, in both studio videos and amateur video. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Awesome physique, and the man appears to live to get fucked

  3. Ya know, if you look at that second and third picture down from the top…
    WOW, it just looks like someone spilled all the paint supplies in 5th grade Art Class as 2 guys wrestled in it…
    NOT hot on any level. Its a shame because once in awhile if he has a dominating enough top working his ass, Vincent O’Reilly can be a hot bottom to watch. Just not a top. When he bottomed for Calvin Banks or Tristan Hunter – the guy was almost on fire no acting needed in either 1 of those scenes..

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