Will Braun was introduced by Guys In Sweatpants in 2013 then he became an exclusive of Men in 2015. By 2019, he became an exclusive at Next Door Studios with scenes released till 2020. He is back via Naked Sword.

Ted Colunga [movies] aka Fred Fele [movies] started in 2001. He has not had a scene released since 2009 (?). Now based in New York, he joined Twitter in 2020 to promote his fan site.

14 thoughts on “Will Braun & Ted Colunga

  1. I’m a big Will Braun fan. He’s a great sexy seductive bottom guy. He should get a shorter hair style, shave and take the glasses off once he starts sucking cock and getting pounded. Will’s softer looking physique is perfect for his seductive cock hungry bottom roles. Let the tops spend all day in the gym so that Will finds them worthy of breeding him.

    1. You’re such a fan that you want to change everything about him and see him humiliated and destroyed?

      With fans like you who needs critics?

      1. I only want him to change some minor things like the length of his hair and facial hair and where do you get the absurd idea that I want this awesome model to be “humiliated and destroyed”? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  2. Ted Colunga had so many aliases: Attila Ferenczi, Ferenc, Ferenc Fresz, Feri Frész, Frenky, Giovanni Floretti, Giovanni Floretto, Mick Huston, Norbert Somlay, Paul Edge, and Big Maude Tyler.

    My favorite Will Braun scene was with Dirk Caber, where Dirk coaches him on how to eat and play with his (Dirk’s) hole. Long hair like that rarely suits any man, and it’s not doing anything for Will, who otherwise is cute.

  3. I’ve always liked Will, but don’t care for the much longer hair. Still, it does look good. He can look so nerdy and naive in his videos, love his deep voice.

  4. I thought I was the international expert on Ted Colunga. I created the most complete videography of his work on the old ATKOL forums. But I had no idea about this move to New York. He was a real Guido back in the day–his ambition was to have a fancy car, a big-titted woman, and lots of money. Don’t think he quite achieved that. I wonder what he’s been doing since 2009?

    1. By the looks of it, escorting and now, he is also on OF. His escort profile is still active on PlanetRomeo and his social media pages show that he travels often to Germany, Hong Kong and Dubai (yes, I do realize that I am utterly pathetic for knowing all of this).

      I do find surprising that he’d be in New York, as he permanently lives in Budapest and travels abroad 3 or 4 times per year. He doesn’t seem to have changed that much from 2009 in terms of personality and interests, as per his social media…

      1. Yeah, I looked at his Twitter, and it doesn’t really sound as if he’s actually living in New York. Budapest (and Hungary in general) is a far different place now under Orban than it was back in the 2000s when it was a capital of gay porn. I can’t imagine living there and trying to do sex work. (You know Ted was trained as a chef? But he said in a Q/A that he’d never go back to that.)

  5. Will has always looked cute… but the long hair needs to go right now! He looks like a hunting-loving redneck who voted for Donald Trump both times and possibly beat up a cop on Jan. 6

    1. He looks like the modern day tech bro to me. This is what high school nerds look like after college. So his look progression is fairly accurate.

  6. Will’s hair style is… a choice. It reminds of Dean from Sean Cody who came back with ugly long hair. Very few faces can pull off that look.

    I also HATE guys who don’t take off their glasses when having sex (the only exception is Blake Mitchell).

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