Roxas Caelum, Tayte Hanson, Colton Reece, Jason Vario, Valentin Amour, Theo Brady, Bo Sinn (Damien Soup) …

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  1. It’s obvious that Onlyfans only want softcore porn on their websites. They want hot guys showing bulges and bare asses while doing absolutely nothing. It cute for the first year but boring now. Some of you love it and will pay, pay, pay while ignoring those who give you good content. That is one of by biggest gripes with Onlyfans. It reminds me of the time before the internet when you had to look at magazines like Men’s Health for spank content. I’ll watch HBO if I want to be teased, where is the twig and berries going into someone’s tunnel or at least jack off videos. Some of them have been giving softcore porn for 2 years now and some of you are still paying. Foolishness. No way you’re gonna drive a car better than mine to pick up chicks on my dime with such content.

  2. Victor Ferraz needs to work on his legs. He looks like Johnny Bravo.

    Chris Damned I thought was cute when I saw him but like I do with most pornstars today, I waited for the shoe to drop and he is has officially dropped it. Luckily, I never got into him or his movies and thanks to his tweets I never will.

    Pornstars today are so unlikeable, and I will always reiterate that.

  3. I’ve been saying it for a long time now but what in the hell do our fellow gays love so much about Chris Damned. It’s obvious that he’s got some serious issues with his views and he reeks of douchebag worthiness. He’s been showing it over and over again. I don’t care about your sexuality but when you spit at your fans and give a big FU with your rhetoric… Hmmm. Glad I’ve never been a fan.

    Kudos to Theo for the big move to LA. Hope he’s careful b/c many have tried to make that transition and the city can eat you up and spit you out if you’re not careful.

    A message to Dolf… no one wants to park their anything, anywhere you’ve been. Eww!

    I’ll probably get torched for this but Boomer and Colton are not hot. I’m sorry but I’m not feeling either one of them.

    Finally this OF fiasco was soon to come and all the models that went back to them when they did their back pedaling, we’re kind of foolish. I’m kind of glad OF is showing their colors because a lot of these guys were doing one of two things…

    They were either gay baiting the fuck out of our people or they were charging a damn arm, two legs and seven toes for lackluster content with shaky camera work and awful chemistry between the same group of models. $20 USD for a weak JO vid or for a sub where you have to pay an additional amount for quality. No thanks.

  4. Chris Damned is correct he is a sex workers his job is to give a good performance make it believable. I think he has a child he is not gay in real life off camera. Dude is bottoming for other men on his only fans. So he is attracted to other men BUT probably doesn’t want to date a guy. I don’t understand why some gay men cannot accept bisexuality or pan sexuality?

  5. Jason Vario : Sorry you look cheap, like lower ghetto Panama alley Pimp cheap….
    Colton, Tayte, Roxas, Dallas and Quin : Its Over, nobody is reading your stuff, buying your scenes, or gives a small shit about anything you guys do or say…….
    SirPeter : Looking smashing as usual !
    Johnny Hazard / Frankie Valenti : A True Porn Star ! We miss you….
    Pax Perry : You were barely tolerable at Corbin Fisher, very boring performer, very small cock.
    Chris Damned : Wow, Chris is a Total asshole…. who knew ? 🙂
    Theo Brady : Isn’t it a bit late in the game for that ? I mean your “career” is at least 87% Over ! According to my chart, you should be getting sized for your apron at Starbucks.
    Greg McKeon : No thanks, ick… Still do not see how anybody considered you a porn star??
    Alpha Wolfe : Uh Oh.. making a big deal about THAT ? Looks like he is headed towards Chris Damned territory…
    Damian Soup, John Bronco and Blain OConnor … WOW, the state of gay porn is sad and on life support now…
    Dolf Dietrich : Man, I really do not know what to say…Oh yes, Appalled or Embarrassed comes screaming to mind. That’s what I like to do, advertise to “whore out” a supposed “loved one” and spend the day waiting for unknown men to fill my boyfriends asshole with diseased cum in my own bed… yummy !

  6. WHAT has happened to Boomer? He looks like he’s halved his body weight, looks gaunt and actually ill!

    Ah, Rocky…a post that isn’t just about Anti-Vaxxing. Still, each and every one of your Instagram Stories is.

    Chris…comments like that are why people have a low opinion of you and you’re an Anti-Vaxxer too?

    Alpha…no one wants to know about your wife.

    Mr. “Soup”…I know you want to escape your gay porn past, but couldn’t you have done it with a less ridiculous stage name?

    John…say that to your girlfriend, not your gay porn following.

    And the “BF” Dolf…so, you’re back together then. You beat the shit out of each other, he publicly brands you a paedophile…I don’t have words for have pathetic the two of you are. Individually you’re toxic, but together you’re poison.

  7. When something changes on a site like Onlyfans or any other site, I think the real issue is Who’s Complaining? Its not like there are onlyfans employees looking at all of those videos and manually selecting the ones to be deleted. To me its seems clear that someone or some group is complaining and targeting those performers and those activities. I’m afraid that anti-gay crusaders are mounting a new campaign to try and erase gay performers and behavior under the delusion that if people can’t see gay people and activities, they’ll cease to exist. So the question really is Who is Trying to Erase Gay People This Time?

  8. Lowkey I want OF to kick out all hardcore porn performers so they go back to working for pro studios.

  9. I don’t understand why they complain about OnlyFans when there are several alternative websites that they can go to that work better for them, their subscribers, and their bottom line. I think they just want to complain and fish for compliments/white knighting.

    1. Do you ever get tired of typing the same illiterate shit every day on every gay porn? Like, get a fucking life.

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