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  1. Whenever I see condoms in gay porn these days, it always make me wonder if there’s something going on…if you know what I mean. So many of his guys do look like hustlers, buskers and might have something. The same goes for Crusty Thong, otherwise he’s just too cheap for testing.

  2. The guys are hot but I can’t watch because of the disgusting dick greedy owner…obviously the only way he get guys that hot is pay them because he is just Plan nasty looking and too eager for dick.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. That bulldog in a thong is the only thing that keeps his site from really thriving. He should pay some of the more attractive guys to have sex with each other, as opposed to having sex with him. It would make a world of difference.

      1. I know that people used to RIP HIM APART, but I always had a soft spot for Jake Cruise. He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was his website and he had sex with some of the most beautiful men who’ve ever been in gay porn…David Taylor/Greg Duke, Bo Dean, Parker London, Tony Capucci. He used to put on a great show with them, no holds barred sex and he retired on a high.

        This guy, the beast from that military-themed website and Bryan Ockert were off-putting.

        The only other independent who has sex with his guys, looks great and puts on some amazing content, is the owner of BlackBoyAddictionz.

          1. Oh, absolutely! Michael was stunning and it’s just such a shame that he disappeared without a trace after Jake :-/

        1. Hey now, leave Bryan Ockert (former owner of Chaosmen) out of this. He appeared in scenes early on but as he aged he retreated behind the camera. And even as he moved from his late 30s to his 40s and 50s he remained attractive and not creepy.

          1. His final act of selling out and not shutting down, will haunt many.

            His life’s work has ended up being nothing more than a cheap and nasty joke.

          2. Bryan Ockert is a disgusting creep who lies about his age. He was over 40 when he started ChaosMen, although he claimed to be in his early 30s. He’s not attractive at all.

  3. I think the owner is partnered with someone. And that might explain it. I know it seems confusing to not go bareback since the guys are mostly “straight” and prep exists. But some people still want to avoid STIs and avoid paying for STI tests because they are pricey. Although, with as much money this studio makes, shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Any performer who shoots for a studio is obviously going to be paid. Let’s not kid ourselves people. Few (if any) guys do porn free of charge.

    Now granted if the owner(s) of these types of sites are not your cup of tea. so be it. That’s fine. What gets me is the level of negativity I see about them and insulting them for making a living and why anyone would have sex with them. From Jake Cruise, to Rob at Military Classified and Victor at Beefcake Hunter.

    This is porn folks. People are having sex and getting paid as a result. No one is deluded enough to think that there is a personal connection going on here. It’s physical and nothing more.

    Further to that, the “criticism” is almost always of a personal nature (ie: looks, appearance etc). The guys they recruit know what they are getting into and from the videos, they don’t have a problem performing. I wonder if these nasty comments would exist if said owner was flawless and gorgeous. Probably not.

    It’s one thing to take these owners to task if they were rude, unprofessional and didn’t treat their performers properly. If that’s the case, feel free to blast away at them. But to make degrading comments because they don’t turn you on is frankly mean spirited and disrespectful. Again, if you don’t like what they are producing, you can go somewhere else and find something more to your liking……

    1. Save your breathe. Despite your rational, logical explanation of how the porn BUSINESS works, they don’t care about that here. They only care about their feelings (of disgust primarily) being heard, which are better off being told to the wind.

    2. “the “criticism” is almost always of a personal nature (ie: looks, appearance etc).”

      So, you’re saying you don’t care about the looks and appearance of the folks in your porn? Because you’re saying to criticize site owners for their looks is not fair or valid and its out of bounds and not allowed? Why? Why does the site owner get a pass on what is arguably the most important factor in all of porn: appearance. Well, I’m happy for your take on things but let me tell you that most of the world CARES about the LOOKS of the folks in their porn.

      Since I’m very old and I’ve seen tens of thousands of scenes, 100’s of thousands of times over decades I can tell you that the entirety of a porn performers value is 1) appearance and 2) performance, in that order. No one hires ugly people because they’re just such great performers. How many hundreds of times have we all heard on dozens and dozens of sites that the first step in the process of hiring someone for porn is evaluating their appearance, usually thru pictures. Not every site in the world does it that way but about 99% of them do.

      In closing, FUCK being respectful. This isn’t Disney. We aren’t at school or church. If the site owners annoy me in any way or they’re nasty to look at then I get to rip them to shreds. If you don’t like that then I’ll give you back your own advice and skip my commentary as you suggest I skip the site owners that I don’t like. Voila!

  5. Hey look, its Floriduh, the guys who appear on that site are not the most conscientious guys in the world. They’re not the type that you can tell to make an appointment, go to a testing site and bring the results with them. They’re the type that will just show up at the last minute when they need the money and do the minimum they need to do to get paid. Plus at the Miami test site there’s a 6 hour wait for results so that would mean that those guys would actually have to plan ahead which most aren’t inclined to do.

    1. The quality is actually the same. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the videos, because it looks like he uses the same camera…and he hasn’t changed himself and not just that thong :-/

  6. He did an interview, where he talks about and explains why he produces his content with condoms. It can be found on youtube.

      1. Starts at 33min in and finishes with this final statement.

        “There are sites for that, my site’s not for that.”

        1. And yet, that doesn’t actually mean anything. What is that supposed to mean?

          If he said, “I have a moral objection to porn without condoms”, or “I test my guys, they’re clean, I’m clean too, but I prefer the feel of condoms” then fine, but it just comes across as fishy.

  7. Hello-

    as a fellow poster states the use of condoms probably means somethings going on. STD testing is so
    refined and accurate at this point in time it make you wonder. either the site owner is too cheap to pay
    for testing or he’s adamantly against raw porn.

    1. You’re right and if he objects to barebacking, then he just should say that! “My videos use condoms 100% of the time, because I morally object, I find it a turn-off, sex feels better with” etc, but since the production quality of his videos is so poor, it does smack more that he’s riddled, the guys he hires are, or it really is cheaper to buy a packet of three, then shell-out for testing. It makes the most sense that he’s just cheap.

      He films his porn on what looks like a 20-year old camera, hires mostly questionable looking guys, is fine with them having their eyes glued to straight porn playing off-screen and being in no way engaged in the activity, gets them to wear condoms because it’s cheaper and appears in every video himself…he’s just indulging his own fantasies about having sex with the guys he fancies, doesn’t care about the quality and then gets paid for it.

      I suppose you can’t blame him for it, because he’s basically found a way to get paid for hiring hookers and just filming it in lesser quality that a homemade sex tape. His outlay is the guys’ fee, the condoms, probably porn just off x-tube and that’s it, because he even films in his own home. His guys always bemoan poverty and look on the breadline, so their fees will be less than better looking models, no testing and he obviously have subscribers who that’s enough for :-/

  8. Anyone who objects to condoms in Beefcake Hunter doesn’t understand the spirit of the site. First off, the guys are straight. For real straight. And they’re not pretty boys at all. Some are ex cons, nearly all are blue collar. They are not going to be on Prep and they are not “professional” gay porn actors. A lot of these guys are really reluctant to fuck another guy and the condom provides them with a psychological safety blanket. And there’s a real safety factor. The condoms not only protect everyone from HIV but also from other things… and let’s face it, fans of this site are kind of turned on that these dudes have had their turn with some skanky lot lizards. It’s all part of the blue collar appeal.

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