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Boyfriend of Jay Alexander asked Jay’s followers for financial help for Jay’s full recovery from an accident.


  1. Bangle

    I agree with Davey Wavey on ‘paying for porn’ in principle. The problem with studio porn, is that for every good scene produced, there are also quite a few I have no interest in, due to lackluster performances, disinterested G4Ps, or unattractive guys.

    The world has evolved from the early days of the net, when less options existed and you just subbed to the few studios available, for whatever crap they put out and accepted it.

    It’s high time a PPV model was introduced for studios and allow viewers to watch only the scenes with the guys they like, at reduced fee (smaller than the standard monthly sub fee).

    With OF around, now people can choose to give their money to only people that appeal to them. As a result, the need for studios, becomes less and less. As it is, I’ll continue to torrent the rare studio porn scene I like, rather than pay three or four high priced subs require under it’s current structure.

    • Mark B

      There are a few studios that sell individual scenes directly (like GayHoopla for example) or indirectly, by buying blocks of tokens and then using them for scenes (theguysite and one other I can find right now do this). It would be nice if this were more common.

  2. M

    how do you make porn ethical when you yourself push for conversion rethoric in your own porn, davey wavey is thee one who built his ‘work’ on GAY sex education yet nowadays he is teaching on how to f ck a vagina!? and nobody sees how backwards that really is. this generation and people’s behavior and the way they think and talk nowadays has truly shown that we will never change or evolve as a whole, people want to keep the same ol bigotry alive cus they cannot see past their own nose. It is disheartening but once you get it the best thing you can do is focus on yourself, theres no community to claim anymore.

    • pornlover

      “people want to keep the same ol bigotry alive cus they cannot see past their own nose.”

      The absolute irony of you saying this…

      • M

        i love all my fans <3

    • Muggy

      I agree M. These studios have given us no reason to be loyal to them. The conversion narrative that started being pushed was the last straw for me. I didn’t accept that type of talk from conservatives, and I won’t accept it from them now either.

    • Camille

      Positive for a toxic man

  3. McM.

    To which studios are you referring when you said “for every good scene produced, there are also quite a few I have no interest in, due to…”? Everyone has different tastes – porn wouldn’t be as diversified and enjoyable if we liked the same thing. But I’ve read comments along the same lines about studio porn, though no one wants to name specific studios. I mean, it’s not like feelings will be hurt. I’m just curious.

    One studio group I know that PPV is FalconStudios. It allows people to download specific scenes from Falcon, Raging Stallion, Naked Sword, etc., the cost is higher than a monthly sub because it makes sense from a business standpoint. Subscriptions are a steady income stream, more or less, so a studio will make that a better deal for retention. People can also purchase individual scenes from a wider variety of studios via aebn. I don’t believe a studio would risk a pure PPV model, especially MEN/MG who have acknowledged the majority of their scenes are crap. Purchases would be intermittent which makes it difficult to budget for new scenes.

  4. Res1

    I agree with Davey Wavey, but why is he still a thing? Is the gay community that desperate for representation? Tyler Oakley is out but Davey Wavey is still in. How Sway?

    I agree with Davey’s statement when it comes to Onlyfans. Hands down, gay men produce the best content on Onlyfans and JFF. But it is overlooked for straight men who tease and do the bare minimum yet they have enough subscribers to drive their girlfriends around in Mercedes Benz and live in penthouse suites while the gay content creators are driving Hondas and living in apartment with popcorn ceilings.

    Funny how people consider being trans a mental disorder but covering a large proportion of your body with tattoos isn’t? What sane person is covering their face and head with tattoos or their chest and legs with big animals heads? How is that attractive? Enough already: it has gotten ridiculous.

    Speaking of tattoos, I am tired of seeing men painting their nails to be edgy or wearing feminine clothes to be non-comforting. At this point, you’re conforming to another social trend. What’s wrong with being a guy and what does being gay have to do with it? Gay is a sexual orientation, not an act.

  5. Reg

    So…what has Cody done this time?

    And is Ryan Back to GAY porn, or just straight?

    • Jktooo

      RD pretends his gay porn doesnt exist. He has been in scenes recently released, he is out of shape in these newer releases but according to that post he is back in shape. And the situation with his wife seems Weird.

      • Res1

        He is so basic. Let the straights have him.

  6. ericstrondheim8

    Hate to break it to him, but there’s another porn actor by the name of Small hands, who has the same tattoo in the same position.

  7. ericstrondheim8

    Is Armond transitioning now?

  8. andrew

    Cliff as a college student don’t forget that you can earn some extra money by taking some hot bottoms to pound town in gay porn.

  9. Magnus

    Wavey Davey (ugh) needs to sit down. Porn has deteriorated to the point where it’s basically worthless. Most porn actors these days look like they’ve been dragged behind a pickup. Occasionally you’ll get a hot guy who falls into the industry for whatever reason, they’ll be overplayed and bounce around to different studios. They’ll film themselves with their iPhone on OF and overshare on social media where they put their stupidity on display and become annoying. The brief period in porn history where performers were actually scouted and attractive, and then coached and managed by the studios, are long gone. Porn wants to charge us for a new Tesla, but they’re giving consumers a base Camry.

    • Res1

      Lol, that was funny. The hottest pornstars are still out there but they aren’t American. Brazilian porn has a lot of hot guys and so many of them who do not do porn are on twitter. I agree with what you said and I remember the change back in 2014 when they started hiring guys who look like they came off of the street. The allure with pornstars was similar to the allure of the modeling industry it was people who were seen an unattainable that you wished you could see naked. Fast forward to now where anybody with a social media platform can be anything. If you have 30k plus followers suddenly have a name whether you’re porn material or not.

  10. Ron

    Davey Wavey – I’d never pay for any of your videos! I can’t stand the content he puts out, plus, he drives me nuts when he is on YouTube, etc!

    Derek – really, just starting PrEP now… I guess better late than never.

    Cliff – good luck, don’t drop out.

    Michael Roman – such a sexy guy, great butt & awesome tat!

    Armond Rizzo – why? Once a sexy guy, now more like a woman…. big pass!

  11. J

    LMAO at the people thinking Armond is transitioning.

    He’s just gay and hispanic. Please get out of the house and talk to people, guys.
    It’s really showing that you don’t.

    • McM.

      He painted his nails, man! He! Painted! His! Nails!
      This clearly means Armond is transitioning.

  12. Matty

    I understand where Davey is coming from, but it is not OUR problem to make porn (studio porn, ethical porn, whatever you want to call it) sustainable. It is THEIR problem to make it so. Just like Steam managed to mitigate the problem of video game piracy, and Netflix the problem of piracy as it relates to TV shows and movies, porn needs something that it’s going to be so compelling as to make people who would usually pirate something, buy it instead.

    I can’t bring myself to pay a monthly fee for ANY studio because the content they’re releasing is so hit and miss. I am subscribed to a few OF because I enjoy their content more. I think porn studios should adopt this model and offer to subscribe to specific performers or a specific type of content, as well as having an option to buy scenes individually (which some studios do). The porn industry really needs to get with the times otherwise they’re going to be gone.

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