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  1. Can someone explain to me the appeal of sex scenes with background extras and these bad jokey situations? I understand the precedence of a jokey fun set up, but a whole gay porn scene where a sleeping older lady is visible in the background and the climax is immediately interrupted by a woman?

    And I will never watch the trans scene, but… it’s set at a joke funeral? I seriously want to know who clamors for this kind of porn and what it is about it that appeals to people.

    1. MEN and Bromo actually brag about the “creativity” of their scenes. I remember that back in the day, the whole stable hand type thing was a great…but it wasn’t distracting. Unless the coffin was a vampire fantasy, then it’s just weird and does remind of when Corbin Fisher had that spin-off website when it first started, where it had guys like Dirk laid out on a slab naked in a morgue :-/

      And as for having women even in a gay scene, whether they’re awake or not…women have no place being in the frame and I don’t personally have any interest of five-minutes setting the scene with a wife or girlfriend, or the wife or girlfriend turning up halfway through! There’s being creative and there’s being a boner-killer.

      Two guys, with one wearing a cowboy hat, a fireman’s hat or dressed as a cop, no women whatsoever and gay sex…it’s a pretty basic formula that’s existed for 50-years and doesn’t need updating, MEN.

    2. Right in front of my salad!

      Men.com et al is notorious with these ridiculous setups. I don’t know if they think sales is driven by them, but I’d really want a peek onto their process of green-lighting scenes. Like do their customer-base really clamor for these silly hypes, or is this just a case of the people behind Men thinking they know what their customers like.

      There’s this porn performer, Terrence, that I liked watching but he only did trans scenes, so I just ignored his partners, like how I’d ignore the girls in a straight scene. But at least those were mostly plain sex scenes, with a little role-playing sometimes, but nothing too over-the-top.

  2. Love the “Or, do you prefer watching” Denz 😉 Of course, most of the visitors to this blog prefer to watch gay porn performers fucking someone else than guys.

  3. I gotta find out what airline that is where the flight attendant offered Roman a cock snack. I wonder if that’s included in the ticket price? Asking for a friend who loves cock.

  4. Unpopular opinion coming…..

    I don’t find either one of these men slightly appealing. I think Roman Todd is overrated and Todd D’Angelo looks a mess. I’m not a fan of these guys who do porn outside of the gay realms either. It ruins any sort of feels for the dudes. I’m a gay man and knowing that these guys are fucking females too just kills the fantasy. Just being honest.

    That being said, of course I’ll never understand why these studios think that the sight of a female in a gay porn scenes is the game changer and the hook and catch. It’s not. The core of consumers are homosexuals. We’re not looking forward to seeing a woman while we’re trying to pleasure ourselves or even worse seeing the woman kiss or get fucked before the guy turns his attention to the male. To be honest the whole interruption in the middle of the sex scene is stupid too. I’m trying to watch two guys fuck so why would seeing someone interrupt in horror or shock be helpful in that matter. It’s ridiculous.

    1. For me, when a man fucks really well a woman is a symbol of masculinity and I love manly men (with some exceptions). For me a man should be tough but kind at the same time, have a penis, brave enough, good at sports, manly voice, beautiful or atractive
      rude face or intelligent with the plus of fucking women (or men) and the plus of having body hair (pubic armpit). I am more of a beautiful butt than a large penis but a large penis can also be a plus.

  5. Rules of capitalism are at play here. These “shocked women” scenes must have enough popularity or click-bait potential to drive subscriptions somehow. MEN wouldn’t continue posting them otherwise. There’s no other explanation.

    1. It’s like trap or reggaeton music. I don’t know why people like it but it is what it is. And money wise it is rentable. Even some musicians from different genres have collaborated in these types of music. It is what it is. Musicians and porn actors form the perfect analogy. That’s why I don’t judge them when they switch. Even top porn actor are paid far less than top musicians. It is what it is.

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