Booty of Jeremy Barker

Jeremy Barker has been told that he has a first class booty.

Not everyone gets to ride first class.

At Gay Hoopla, the lucky ones were Chase Archangel, Dustin Hazel, Bryce Beckett, Jaxson Briggs & Micky Mallato.

Micky also fucked Jeremy in their bisexual scene at Bi Guys Fuck.

Besides Micky, there was Kane Hardy and Andy McBride.

8 thoughts on “Booty of Jeremy Barker

  1. Usually when a guy tells you that you have “a first class ass” it’s because he wants a piece of it. That’s cool. I especially liked seeing sexy Micky Mallato top and dominate Jeremy. Hopefully Micky will get a third piece of that first class Jeremy ass.

  2. I never paid attention to his butt and I notice butts…

    When he first premiered at HGF/GH, I thought he was going to be the hot jock footballer, guy next door but that faded away when he lost a little bit weight and started rocking bowl cuts and got more junk tattoos. Sad.

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