Finn Harding rimmed Chris Cool

Finn Harding doing a bit more than Malik Delgaty in his scenes at Men. In his latest scene, Finn pulled down the pants of Chris Cool and rimmed Chris for a few minutes since the sexual tension between the two of them was killing Finn.

The rimming done by Finn was just the tip of his tongue touching the hole of Chris.

It was followed by Chris sucking the uncut cock of Finn then Finn fucked Chris in different positions inside the food truck.

It ended with Finn jacking off while holding a hotdog bun in between his cock and shot his load inside the mouth of Chris.


  1. trex

    The fact that some gay men are excited by this “news” is pretty pathetic

  2. Max

    Finn Harding isn’t 100% straight he cab work in straight porn with his good looks. I think need to stop the total top bullshit. Like Reese Rideout said he is sexually attracted to other men that’s why he works in gay porn. Reese is married to a woman and he acknowledges the obvious. Finn Harding has an only fans account he can make money. So why fuck other men up the ass, kiss other men,let other men suck his cock?

  3. Steve

    I hope whomever owns that food truck disinfects it throughout and paints it a different color after this..

    God knows I’d never eat from it if I knew it was used for sex in Porn movie..

  4. Pavel Ford

    WHEN did it become sexy to have the look of abject surprise on your face while having sex? I am seeing it everywhere these days.
    Watching Chris get fucked might have been somewhat arousing if he didn’t look so forcibly surprised. It just looks stupid.

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