You may not love Jerk Buddies but …

A handful of readers of this blog have joined Adult Time since the post on Jerk Buddies was published 4 days ago.

They weren’t bothered by the negative comments.

Jay “Lame as hell. Gay guys who are obsessed with this type of content are tools.”

Brad “I don’t think their convincing anyone.. This looks & feels cheap.”

Alec “oh…the poor people who will pay for this type of programming and feel the loss of their money immediately by viewing any full scene.”


  1. tig68

    The whole concept of this site ADULT TIME is really pathetic and not even worth spending the money to sub to it.

  2. McM.

    I doubt the readers subscribed specifically for Jerk Buddies. Adult Time has lots of other themes, and scenes from other sites. There’s also full length movies and series – an interesting take on adult entertainment that presents porn in a cinematic format.

    The sex is very hot, and because the original content is also character and plot driven the porn aspect can be removed for an enjoyable SFW film. Nobody is winning Oscars, but writers and directors like Bree Mills produce very good work. And the performers love it, they have extra skills to appreciate that the industry awards. I watched Perspective and liked it, had no clue who the actors were and didn’t feel as though I needed to see the x-rated version. Wouldn’t anyway because it’s het. Still goes to show what Adult Time is producing and how it is expanding on what we think of as porn.

    Downside: gay content is limited.

  3. Jay

    The negatives comments get to you, don’t they? Sorry, I’m not gonna fall in line with the group think.

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