No Malik Delgaty scene next week

😊 or 😭?

Malik Delgaty has fucked over 50 guys at Men since the start of the pandemic and the latest is Pierce Paris.

The usual from Malik Delgaty. He got his cock sucked and fucked his scene partner.

10 thoughts on “No Malik Delgaty scene next week

  1. 50 guys and his MEN fee is $5k for scene so that’s $250k!!
    And on top of that he’s got his OF
    Wow he must be making a killing and he’s only like 26

    1. REALLY?? I can’t believe MEN would pay him that much when there are so many guys dancing at Stock Bar who will do it better for way less money. Maybe he got $5k per “scene” when he went to Dubai but in Montreal, I can’t believe that. And it may add up to a lot of money now but his shelf life has nearly ended so that amount becomes lifetime earnings.

    2. $250k since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s not big money. He probably does well with his OF

  2. I love Malik so much. On those days where I’m stressed and I have so much pinned up frustrations and I need something to help, hunny I turn on Malik’s scenes and he does it for me..

    He puts me into one of the most deep and intense naps I’ve ever felt in my life. While they drool on his cock, I drool on my pillow. This man is snooze worthy. Thanks Malik!!!

  3. Congratulations, You’ve succeeded in pairing two of the most boring, lackluster performers together for the ultimate snore session. At this point, wouldn’t it just be easier for the both of them to use strap-ons?

  4. did he really “fuck” them? I would say he simply put a lifeless dead piece of DOA flesh up against a guy’s asshole and the MEN.COM director mumbled, “Now do that face you were taught in the MEN.COM zombie school of shitty ass acting and act like he’s fucking you with an actual hard cock!” Quick some get the Jerkin’s hand lotion ready for the fake cum shot! Just cause u got muscles that just isn’t enuff in gay porn for you to last. You need to at “least” look alive and try to enjoy doing it. This meathead is just so boring.

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