Another scene from Disruptive Films that might compel you to see a psychiatrist

Disruptive Films with Brandon Anderson, whose mother recently died, visited his stepdad for emotional support. What he got was sex with his stepdad.

It had the stepdad manipulate Brandon into a flip fuck by caring for Brandon’s injuries sustained from staged accidents orchestrated by the stepdad.

9 thoughts on “Another scene from Disruptive Films that might compel you to see a psychiatrist

  1. Who honestly enjoys these sorts of story lines? They sure do like to live up to their name, they disrupt my ability to find these scenes to be hot because I’m always wondering what sort of fucked up ending are they going to give us.

    1. More often than not, I ignore the plotlines and focus on the people in the scene anyway…but sometimes if it’s too disturbing, I can’t ignore it and it becomes a turn off.

    1. Yeah that shit bothers me too but at least in this case the step son looks grown. Those sites thar include think top look like child porn to me. Those so called thinks look underage.

  2. Don’t like these scenes at all. Disruptive Films IMO is a troubling site because of its story lines.

    On just the porn, their trailers are insulting since they show barely any sex.

    I enjoyed the last episode Ryan Jordan did for the sex alone (Ryan bottoming was a + for me), but the story line sucked.

    In the scene above Brandon is wasted. He’s such a good and seemingly professional who enjoys his work. I like his edgy scene with Red on reg next door. He was nearly fisted. That was pleasantly surprising

  3. “Clutching my pearls!!!” Yikes!!! A father (step father) seducing his son (who’s is over 18 yrs and probably over 21 yrs), I can’t wrap my mind around it, tragic!!! A very sad day for PORN. I will be in therapy (most likely trying to seduce my therapist) for years to come.

    Why can’t studios stick to the basics? 30+ consenting adults playing with other 30+ consending adults? No fisting, eating sperm, or french kissing??? What has the world of porn come to???

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