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Gay Hoopla with their never before seen short clips

Gay Hoopla has now released 5 footages, mostly short clips, of previously released scenes from an alternate camera angle.

This new footage, mostly short clips, shot from an alternate camera angle, gives you a unique perspective on one of our most popular scenes.

1. Cole Money and Sebastian Hook (2015)

Cole, who started in 2008, did a live cam show today at Chaturbate (@colbymoney). His blood disease that affected his muscle in 2016 has now healed.

2. Zane Penn with Sebastian Hook (2014)

Zane was first known as Dolph of Fratmen then as Liam of Corbin Fisher in 2014.

3. Dmitry Dickov with JJ Swift (2013)

Dmitry is one of the owners of Gay Hoopla. JJ (aka Jonah of Fratmen), on the other hand, has been active on Twitter till 2021 and he did live cam shows last year at Chaturbate (@jjswift).

4. Blake Michael with Travis Youth (2019, re-released in 2021)

Travis (aka Dave of Sean Cody & Greg Toreno) made headline news in 2020 with his arrest as a suspected drug dealer.

5. Jaden Storm (2013)

Jaden, who started as Jayden in 2008, did a live cam show today at Flirt 4 Free [room].

10 thoughts on “Gay Hoopla with their never before seen short clips

    1. No Reg, you aren’t.
      Gay Hooplah – and its associate sites, Hot Guys Fuck & Bi Guys Fuck – produces similar output to Corbin Fisher but is more open about it by differentiating the action by site.
      The action on all three sites is professionally shot and Gay Hooplah has produced some noteworthy scenes involving some very hot guys not all of whom are G4P.

  1. 2nd Attempt

    Recently on Twitter LaHODLer said he considering releasing old content and has released this which is fair enough and I thought and replied ‘yeah why not’ but I certainly did not expect this make up for the basic sex scenes that Gay Hoopla is giving us with their stable of less desirable modes, and by this I mean David Slinger, Slate Powers, Dillon James, Asher Rose et al. Definitely not including Jeremy my favourite, Gio, both Jaxon’s or Ian.

    I am on the fence as I loved the old Gay Hoopla but these new guys owners Blurr Media and Head of Production T_Blurred have moved away from it original ethos: ‘ is a site that showcases energetic and extremely in-shape straight men. GayHoopla’s producers enjoy a keen ability for securing the best of the best from America’s supply of jocks! Therefore, Gayhoopla regularly delivers on their pledge to create well-produced, hardcore gay porn scenes.’

    That is a load of bollocks and so untrue. The aforementioned, really dont give a toss about Gay Hoopla, hence why we have same guys appearing repeatedly on there, just like Corbin Fisher, they have a limited stable of regular Gay/Bi performers appearing in fuck scenes in Gay Hoopla and the expectation we should be satisfied with this inferior product, when the straights get all of the hotties on ‘Hot Guys Fuck’ pardon my French, is a load of bollocks and a goddamn liberty !

    Bloody Hell I really need to get a life away from Gay Porn dont I! 😁

    1. Gayhoopla changed when HotGuysFuck went online. It was clear from the start where these guys wanted to really focus on. Gay porn was just to collect money from gay men and have a sizable audience to springboard their straight site.

  2. This is a great idea! I’ve wished for years studios would release alternate angles and unedited footage. Nothing kills the porn experience more than an untimely edit right when the action is at its hottest!

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