Logan Aarons in a transsexual scene

Logan Aarons mentioned in an interview in 2022 that he agreed to film a straight scene in 2014 as Zane at Corbin Fisher even if he was gay. “They misread my application & thought I was bisexual… You guys know that I am really gay, right?

It’s not with a woman this time for Logan, but with a transexual He has done it again. This time at Trans Angels.


  1. Hazim

    Poor Logan 🙁

  2. Reg

    Am I the only one who finds Straight4Pay incredibly creepy?

    • Cherrystick

      Creepy as hell. But I also don’t believe in “4-pay” at all. If you’re agree to, interested in or easily persuaded to do anything with the opposite or same sex, you’re not strictly whatever you’re claiming to be. This shit is so exhausting.

      True heterosexual people will go the fuck off if you try to bring any dimension of homosexuality to their space. Same with homosexuals and trying to somehow convince them to partake in heterosexual encounters. These guys who break are part of the bisexual spectrum and believe me cash isn’t the persuading factor.

      He tried his best to say that he did it because she used a dildo on him to stay hard or that they misread his application so he went along with engaging in str8 sex. Boy please. I guarantee we’ll be reading that he is in an upcoming WhyNotBi scene or another str8 scene sooner than later.

      These guys just seem to have such a fucking hard time just saying that they’re bisexual. Bisexuality exists and they need to stop using the gay label and be transparent from the beginning. You may loose some of those gay dollars but at least you’re not alienating the gay label.

      • FieldMedic

        You seem to forget that money is a thing. That it currently makes this world go ’round. That it pays the bills and gets you the things that you want.

        That is a very strong motivation for a straight guy to suck a dick.

        Yeah, there are straight men who sleep with men – you’re an adult, get over it.

  3. Gazzaq

    Big Yawn! Who Cares?

    Seriously Gay, Straight, Bi, just get on with the job and fuck and entertain us for goodness sake!

    • Gazzaq

      🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 You Guys !!!!

  4. gary

    I can’t believe how people react to this kind of shit . Porn people are totally in porn for MONEY .
    educate yourselves and read good material & real stories about sexuality ! don’t belive ANY porn stars ! they LIE. im old enough , ugly enough and been around too know

    • Gay PR Daddy

      Correct. Porn guys are never the best representatives of being Gay as most Porn guys are just in it for the Money. I had a date with a Porn dude and had to explain to him why FTM scenes are career killers. After he saw the evidence he has left the idea of it. @Cherrystick what’s up.

  5. Peo

    I also don’t agree with this situation, I also think Logan should come out as bi already but the phrase “it’s not with a woman this time but with a transexual” is transphobic. Trans woman are woman. What Logan did was straight porn. I think you should rephrase that.

    • Isiah

      I don’t know why people upset about this he’s sleeping with a man with big breast that’s all it is transwomen are biological men.

      • Cherrystick

        Yeah but his first scene and the whole “I checked the wrong box” quip was the one that got him flack and so anything he does front his point is a joke.

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