Collaboration: Staxus and Carnal Plus

The first scene of the collaboration between Staxus and Carnal Plus is now the latest update at Staxus, but not at Carnal Plus (or at Scout Boys). It’s a threesome between Alfonso Onsaya, Cole Blue, and Craig Kennedy.

Ready to have fun at the camp? We all have morning boners, and it’s better with company! Cole and Craig can’t get up of bed and Alfonso discovers Cole’s and Craig’s boners in this episode and he helps them with their morning woods! Don’t feel ashamed of sharing it with your scout colleagues! At the end, both of the scouts were able to get up and start the day in the best way!

8 thoughts on “Collaboration: Staxus and Carnal Plus

  1. Sweet Jesus… I knew Legrand Wolf hated the Mormons ( besides formerly being one himself) , so I can only imagine what the boy scouts did to him in the past to merrit this.

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