Jawked: Now with US based models

When Jawked was launched by the owners of Boy Fun, it started with Eastern European models, mostly twinks.

Then, it started featuring models from South America.

More jocks were added to differentiate Jawked from Boy Fun. Now, it features models based in the United States.

9 thoughts on “Jawked: Now with US based models

  1. Oh come on u know the standard for porn models is lowered cuz above looks the ability to perform is most important.

  2. Well, thank God, no models who, as always, come from the Queer/Bi/Fluid/Pan agenda or so-called “crossover stars” like Dante Colle, Derek Kage, Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters, Alpha Wolfe, Roman Todd, Pierce Paris, Jay Tee, Silas Brooks and many more names that I have forgotten. But it would also have been pure boredom. lol

    1. Dante Colle- straight leaning pansexual( I have no problem messing around with guys during MMF but I wouldn’t take a guy from club)
      Derek Kage- gay leaning bisexual who try to play sexual fluid card.
      Dillon Diaz- gay guy who label himself pansexual because he feels feminine and insecure so he fucks puss.
      Jake Waters- idk him
      Alpha Wolfe- conflicted pansexual- his trans gf exposed his hookups with guys.

      Roman Todd- only on this list who I put in category ( straight- bisexual spectrum) – his twitter likes are flooded with tuna and during his straight scene he came right after pulling out(turned on af) but he also def likes bottoming and according to some reports mess around with guys for fun.

      Pierce Paris- officially he identify as pansexual but he inject his dick to all his scenes despite it still being floopy so its impposible to know and he is ugly af so…

      Jay Tee- he gives strong bi vibes plus according to Cole Church they had few hookups…I find him ugly but I prob would be able to get it up 4 him… unlike with Pierce.

      Silas Brooks- one of the few bis that had/have a bf, his tweet likes are both pussy and dick so…prob bi.

      1. Thanks for your detailed facts Mr.@Fact. And that’s just a small part of the people who are currently cavorting in gay porn to make money. Not more. These men will never be in or act out a gay relationship during their “career” or after. Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters are an exception with their fake relationship/marriage. How can we become a fan of those people who keep lying to us just for likes or attention? It’s all about porn. Watch it or not Satisfy yourself or not. Throw your money out the window or not. Do what you (gays) want but please don’t believe every shit these guys tell you. We always end up treating you like dirt or a money machine. That’s all. Be proud and gay and fight for your rights outside of porn. Not for such liars in the industry.

      2. Totally agree re Derek Kage re ‘gay leaning bisexual who try to play sexual fluid card’!

        I have seen a lot of his scenes recently and this man is definitely on the gay side despite his hetereo marriage 100%! It gain him more followers re being seen as fluid to be fair!

  3. Jawked features model Mario Vertigo (gasp and swoon!) in a couple of scenes, wish there were more and hopefully there will be!!!

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