The ball sack of Nick Cranston in his first two scenes at Men looks like an average-sized ball sack.

In his latest scene at Men, it mentioned of his enormous balls in the scene description.

When Nick undresses, Dom can’t tear his eyes away from his buddy’s enormous balls!

15 thoughts on “Enormous balls: Nick Cranston

    1. Saline injections. It’s a fetish for some. Guys will blow up their sacks to the size of footballs or larger.

      It can get dangerous, like in the case of Jack Chapman (Tank Hafertepen) who sadly passed away due to complications.

  1. The fact that MEN/MG is a perverted homophobic group that injects things into their actors’ (mostly G4P actors’) sacks or penises or makes them take medication or do other things, so they can get an erection doesn’t surprise me at all .And they stage fake cum shots. And to top it all off, they stage comedy shows or absurd fantasy stories that are actually an absolute turn-off, while porn should actually only be about one thing: SEX! Honestly, what gay guy wants to see something like that? If I now have to read the stupid sentence/excuse again “DIFFERENT TASTES” for “DIFFERENT PRIORITIES”, then we will again get the confirmation of this “association” and its subscribers/followers!

      1. And you must be a pretty frustrated person here and in your personal life if you’re constantly dictating other people’s opinions like that. Weir is now annoying of both of us?

  2. I thought we had another case of secret testicular tumor till now. What’s with injecting bullshit into your balls. It seems like it’s heavy and most of all a burden.

  3. If I got this guy home, pulled his jeans down and saw this inflamed nasty ballsack, I’d be so outta there. It’s all so unnecessary and unsexy.

  4. The thing I find more distracting is Dom’s horrendous acting–any attraction I might have had for him dissolved after seeing those fake expressions

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