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  1. Bjorn was a pioneer. One of the first gay porn directors to go film in foreign countries. in Eastern Europe when the Iron Curtain fell in the 90’s.Australia. His Brazilian models were stunners but his Hungarian models were eye wateringly gorgeous.His VHS tapes were always much anticipated and as a poor student would have to save up as they were the most expensive and worth it! Looks like he’s settled in Spain in the last decade.

  2. Kristen Bjorn is a consistent gay porn “veteran” company that produces outside of America. And it seems like this has been going on for decades! Proof of how great perseverance is and how gayporn doesn’t have to let itself be influenced by queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid ideologies…

  3. I love the selection of men they have. Great roster, diverse. Not much fluff with their scenes…they get right to it. But their scenes can at times lack spark on the action side, so my feelings on Kristen Bjorn are mixed.

  4. Many flip-flop scenes and lots of explicit rimming and eager fucking. Yes, please. Casting has been trending more to the daddy type; I prefer the somewhat younger jock and frat types and hope to see more of them in the mix. Recent scenes lack the artistry of the KB classics but also are more uninhibited sexually and great for wanking.

  5. Bjorn’s models for the most part aren’t as hot as they used to be, several are familiar from other sites (that never used to be the case), and the productions are nowhere near as elaborate/expensive as they used to be. On the other hand, the sex looks more spontaneous (the scenes used to look like tableaux vivants), albeit no longer distinctive. It’s nice that Bjorn’s company has lasted so long, but the cost-cutting shows; it’s not the same. (Anyone remember Bjorn’s early pre-condom Falcon scenes in front of the camera? He was pretty hot.)

    1. Gay sex tableaux vivants perfectly describes what early Bjorn was. His Michelangelesque models and scene compositions were works of erotic art. What have we today? Grungy gonzo porn cast with bus stop homeless filmed on cell phones. Bring back the tableaux vivants!

  6. Kristen Bjorn is a great website. This is everything i wish TimTales & FuckerMate was. I love that there’s flip flop scenes, the majority of the scenes have head swapping in them, the majority of the scenes are passionate & the guys are hot. Most of the time, I leave out of a scene from them feeling satisfied. They get very high marks from me

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