Score card on Derek Atlas: Randy Blue 1 and Chaos Men 0 (tip @ C.A)

Both, Randy Blue and Chaos Men, already released a solo of Derek Atlas. This week, they both released an action scene of Derek. Chaos Men only had Derek sucked and rimmed by a known porn star Patrick Rouge while Randy Blue was able to make Derek do more with Cayden Ross than just lie down on the bed.

Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_01 Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_02
Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_03 Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_04
Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_05 Derek_atlas_chaosment_randyblue_06

LIKE Derek was hard while getting sucked by Patrick Rouge DISLIKE Derek’s cock was limp when Cayden Ross did it to him. In the video, he had to cover the limp cock with his hand. In the picture above, Cayden seemed to have stretched Derek’s cock to make it look hard.

LIKE Cayden Ross licked both their cum shots on Derek’s cock and tummy.

LIKE Derek and Cayden kissed

DISLIKE Derek seemed semi hard while fucking Cayden.