Lion of Bukbuddies aka Bryan Seth of Playgirl aka Tommy Corona of Randy Blue (tip @ Random Guy)

He was known as Lion at BukBuddies (now gone) last 2006. He re-appeared at Playgirl last 2009 as Bryan Seth. He is now known as Tommy Corona at Randy Blue.

Lion_tommy_corona_01 Lion_tommy_corona_02
Lion_tommy_corona_03 Lion_tommy_corona_04
Lion_tommy_corona_05 Lion_tommy_corona_06
Lion_tommy_corona_07 Lion_tommy_corona_08

His name at Playgirl is the same name he uses for his Model Mayhem profile, his work as a fitness model & personal website.

Bryan_seth_01 Bryan_seth_02

I am guessing he will only be doing a solo at Randy Blue.


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