Happy to see Diesel Washington back in action?

Diesel Washington hasn't had a porn scene for months.

Just recently, Bad Puppy released a scene of Diesel with Jessie Colter [gallery].

Diesel_wachington_jessie_colter_01 Diesel_wachington_jessie_colter_02 

This week, Men Over 30 released his scene with Marxel Rios.

Diesel_washington_menover30_04 Diesel_washington_menover30_05 

Are you happy that Diesel Washington is back in action?

9 thoughts on “Happy to see Diesel Washington back in action?

  1. Washington whines a little bit too much for my taste, but he’s never given a lousy performance. Hard to complain about that.

  2. I am glad… he is a porn star and a comic book nerd… Cant go wrong there… THough he did say in an interview that he was going to do a straight scene..i have yet to see that… (and i dont count the scene he did for kink where he peed on some girl but did nothing else)

  3. LOVE ME SOME DW! I wanna get ‘bully’-ed by him SO BADLY!!!! It’s a bucket list request…

  4. I agree the whining is a bit too much sometimes lol.maybe his personality is not well received but at least he has one and he’s a great passionate performer and a handsome man.

  5. It’s really sad that these professionals cannot handle what Diesel has to give….and someone like would make that huge black tool disappear down my throat.,…and in my butt with no problem.

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