Ashton of Corbin Fisher as the bottom

If I am not mistaken, Ashton started in gay porn in 2009 as Marshall. It was only this year that he went site hopping. He first used the name Marshall White then as Ace White and finally as Ashton at Corbin Fisher.

It was only Corbin Fisher who was able to convince him to do more than suck a guy’s cock. He already barebacked Dawson and today, his scene as a bottom to Harper was released.


I don’t think Harper was the right choice for this scene. Ashton’s personality seemed to need a dominant partner.

There were times were Harper wasn’t fully hard while getting a blowjob and while fucking Ashton.


Ashton should also learn to relax. He was still uncomfortable.

Marshall_white_aka_ace_aka_ashton_07 Marshall_white_aka_ace_aka_ashton_08

FYIΒ For those who complained about the still photos being removed, Corbin Fisher brought it back.

Marshall_ashton_still_01 Marshall_ashton_still_02