13 thoughts on “Lance Bennet at Jimmy Kimmel Live (tip @ Ryan)

  1. Lance Bennet is one of the coolest guys. I love watching that former Jarhead in gay porn scenes. He is so real in his reactions to any given situation. I don’t think that he is a Kinsey 6, but in his first bottoming scene, where he got fucked by A J Irons, he admitted that it felt really good and he liked it.

  2. I’m sure you are not really so stupid as to think that ALL str8 guys are cool. Why not cut the sh$t and make some intelligent comments once and a while.

  3. Handsome, beautiful smile, nice lean fit body, cool attitude, not opposed to fucking dudes, I was and still am attracted to this dude. I also loved that he wasn’t tan-obsessed since his pale skin tone suits him well. Anyone know why he fell off the radar? I know he’s probably g4p, but I would still like to know.

  4. The thing I remember most about Lance Bennet was that he’s so STRANGE. I very much wanted to get off watching him sex but his reactions were just too distracting and offputing. I kinda figured his constant plague of being ticklish was just an act so he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want, like get his ass played with, get fucked, etc. Hell, I think even his SG4GE video was a dud!

  5. is it just me or do the people’s answers sound way to
    dumb to be real? their answers sound wayyyyyyyy to staged
    for me.

  6. Aren’t they all? Even if it wasn’t staged, I’d try to act all stage-y and fake too if I walking down the street and a big, flashing camera was pointed at my face.

  7. He identified as str8, but if you ever saw his scene on SG4GE it seemed like, while not bad at it, it wasnt something he was used to… also Jasun Mark said that Lance had a list of guys he wanted to work with and said something like “and i wanna fuck a girl so my friends see that i can do that” dont know what to call that, exactly, but i wouldnt say g4p…

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