16 thoughts on “Sex positions from Jessy Ares, Ashton Webber & Joe Parker

  1. Go, Jesse! Quite often guys who are built like he is have a noticeable loss of flexibility. As for Joe Parker… well, he just gets more and more adorable all the time — and he was already pretty adorable to begin with.

  2. I agree, there’s something adorable about Joe. I love him. Although he should never shave his head.

  3. Paddy’s hot, but I wish he did more than just kiss and top (and sort of rim).

  4. Jessy Ares says he wants to do straight porn now so I’m totally over him. Good riddance, IMO. But now that scene with Joe Parker & Jeremy Stevens looks SMOKIN’ hot! I have a thing for Men Over 30 (the site & in life 😉 so I can’t wait to splooge to that! Hehehe… Aston Webber looks SO TASTY (and hungry for the dick) but I don’t watch anything with Christian Wilde or Connor Maguire in it so I need to find if Ashton has other scenes.

  5. I’m hearing this a lot about Jessy wanting to do straight porn now or that he’d rather be doing straight porn, but is twitter the only place people know from or did he say it elsewhere? Can someone please fill me in?
    One thing though, is that I thought he was Gay, but according to his facebook he’s interested in “Men and Women”. =/ Maybe he has a lot of Bi or straight MMF threeways with his bisexual BFF/BF Martin Mazza…

  6. I remember him making a big deal about liking hetero sex on twitter & then being very rude to some of his fans & followers about it (yet he was eating up the attention from all the trolls, especially those encouraging him to do str8 scenes). He also wrote some rude things on a blog about it, basically saying “Fuck the fans if they don’t like it”, which has probably been removed (he also tweeted about that & bragged, antagonizing some of the commenters) , which I get he has every right to feel & say that but come on, you’re spitting on people who are trying to support you.
    Anyway, I also have a friend who used to be kind of obsessed with him & really wanted to go meet him & watch him sing, but afterwards he was very disappointed. He said Jessy was basically a douchebag & had a very arrogant, just-about-the-money attitude (business IS business, I guess)… And I mean he used to be a SERIOUS fan (bought all his stuff) but he’s not anymore. Neither am I. Sadly I’m not really surprised anymore about how some of these guys REALLY really are. But doesn’t your money kind of depend on you maintaining an audience & at least being nice to them, not treating them like shit? I’m not judging, I just can’t get a boner to a guy when I know he’s like that.

  7. I meant to put the following post in a “reply” to you, but I hit the wrong button, sorry :). Oh and yes Martin Mazza does seem to be having a big influence on him. I’m willing to wager he will be in some of Martin’s upcoming str8 scenes.

  8. Oh Joe Parker how I’m practically in love with the dude. You can tell he loves the work he does and loves the sex–no boring G4P here. I love how while he’s getting fucked, he can cum from a handjob which even I have a hard time doing.

  9. Yeah I remember that too, but I don’t recall him saying anything rude to his fans after that. I checked on tweettunnel to see his old tweets (i think they still show deleted tweets but im not sure) and I didn’t find anything else. And I couldn’t find the blog where he commented, so he must have deleted it pretty quick.
    It doesn’t surprise me that he was mean and arrogant, most of these porn dudes are…but, I’ve read a fair amount of reports of him being a really cool guy too. So, what can people believe really?
    Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me either if he appeared with his BF Martin Mazza in a new straight/bisexual scene that he’s so excited about making. It seems something must be in the works because he replied back to that old convo from last month about him doing straight porn with “stay tuned ;)”.

  10. Honestly, since I lost interest in Jessy, I couldn’t care less about what or who he does (or wants to do). He doesn’t interest me, so I don’t keep up with him. But if you are really curious, then believe me the stuff is out there to find if you go digging around for it. Of course his friends, porn affiliates & fans will only say wonderful things about him, but you will have to look further. I hate to sound negative or preachy, so just be prepared for the knowledge, if he’s someone you really like.
    I’ve been losing interest in much of the mainstream stuff for a while now anyway. So much of it is just smoke & mirrors (& viagra & tricky lighting/angles/editing & limp dicks & douche-baggery & fake moaning & rampant homophobia & laziness & broke, str8/married guys just needing a dollar. Lol)… It’s too hard to jack off knowing all that! Even the gay guys have to be str8 now. I want some passion, some real, gay, carnal desire, so I’ve been into the less mainstream stuff where you just KNOW the guys love what they’re doing. #sorrydidn’tmeantorant 🙂

  11. Actually, I’m almost indifferent to him, I only got into him recently and I like him a little, but I wouldn’t miss him either. You’re not the first person I’ve read to call him kind of a jerk and I’m sure you won’t be the last. He just seemed cool to me from what I’ve seen, but I guess that’s only to a few people.
    I don’t mind the rant at all. In fact, I think it reflects the opinion of a sizable percentage of gay porn consumers, including myself. Although, it clearly doesn’t hold true for the majority since 80-90% of gay porn is full of the smoke & mirrors, as you described. Lately, I just stick to a few sites and performers because those are the only ones that put out good scenes.

  12. True, true… Wierd we even have to think about this stuff with porn, right? Kinda just wish I didn’t know anything about these guys.

  13. Jessy and Paddy – not much chemistry between them.. Jessy is ugly too. Paddy is hotter than ever but they need to pair him with more twinks like Darius Ferdynand where the chemistry is INTENSE …. never really looked at Connor before but damn is he hot these days .. Christian Wilde — still as boring as watching paint dry

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