Why Southern Strokes is recycling content

Just last month, I posted a re-release of the Brandon scene at Southern Strokes. It’s becoming a standard practice. According to an email I got from JerryI found it interesting that the latest update from “Southern Strokes” (dated May 3, 2013) is “Preston and Trey”.  It’s a re-release of a clip that they already put out once, in 2009“.


If you do a search, Google already listed it as a May 22, 2009 update.


Even their latest two guys, Latien James and Corbin Case were re-released.


In a forum for porn bloggers and content owners, Southern Strokes explained the reason behind the recycling of content “As you are all aware, we are a very small production company so as you can imagine, we all play a critical role. Unfortunately I have experienced an emergency medical issue (I’m doing great and on the road back to 100%) which has impacted our weekly releases. We understands that this puts our valued affiliates in a bad position and we really appreciate your patience. We will have new content soon.

We launched Southern Strokes in 2008 however we have experienced the majority of our growth the past two years. To get us through this, we have decided to rerelease some of our earlier content with the real story behind the shoot.

We are NOT trying to pass this off as new content but simply editing the original content with viewpoint of what really happened at the shoot.

Satisfied with the explanation?