With and without condoms for Blue Bailey (tip @ Alias74)

BLUE BAILEY did have three bareback scenes released by Raw Fuck Club.


Lately, he has been filming scenes that required him or his partner to wear a condom.

Blue had two condom scenes with current/former lover Blake Daniels at Naked Sword and Fetish Force.

Blue_bailey_withcondoms_01 Blue_bailey_withcondoms_02

His shared on twitter that his latest condom scenes will soon be released by Gay Room.

Blue_bailey_withcondoms_05 Blue_bailey_withcondoms_06

It seems Gay Room is changing and becoming more exciting just by the photos shared by Blue. He also filmed a scene with Trenton Ducati inside a boxing ring.


Blue Bailey is another proof that bareback porn stars are not banned from working for companies that advocate condom use.