With and without condoms for Blue Bailey (tip@Alias74)

BLUE BAILEY did have three bareback scenes released by Raw Fuck Club. For his other bareback work, check out his IAFD profile. He even have his own porn site about his raw work.


Lately, he has been doing porn that required him or his partner wear a condom.

Blue had two condom scenes with current/former lover Blake Daniels at Naked Sword and Fetish Force.


His shared on twitter his latest condom scenes, soon to be released by Gay Room. One of the scenes included a scene with Derek Parker, who went bareback more than a year now.


It seems Gay Room is changing and becoming more exciting just by the photos shared by Blue. He also filmed a scene with Trenton Ducati inside a boxing ring.


Blue Bailey is another proof that bareback porn stars are not banned from working for companies that advocate condom use.


5 thoughts on “With and without condoms for Blue Bailey (tip@Alias74)

  1. I gotta say this–With the recent mainstreaming of bareback porn, it is getting more and more difficult for me to enjoy condom features—By comparison, condom porn seems artificial and dull…That being said, this DOES NOT suade me from using condoms in my personal life, as I am well aware of the difference between fantasy and reality…Unfortunately, a large share of porn audience cannot say the same.

  2. Wow, Chase Coxxx, just damn. Also, Trenton Ducati, damn! IMO even if a model has done bareback scenes, as long as they’re clean I don’t see an issue.

  3. Is ‘clean’ offensive or incorrect? If so I do apologize! What word or term should be used instead?

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