A new look for Smith of Corbin Fisher

Smith was only gone for a few months but when he returned, he added tattoos to his right arm. And, he is leaner hence his muscles are now more defined.


I am glad he agreed to do a gay scene. Enough sex with women, one is enough, two is waaaaaaaaaay too much 🙂 The second one should have been a bi scene.


5 thoughts on “A new look for Smith of Corbin Fisher

  1. One thing I am loving about this scene–It’s NOT in a bed! I love bed sex as much as the next man, but let’s switch it up a little.
    Oh and I see that there’s a happy ending in the mouth. This is another reason why I continue to love CF, most of the guys are willing to swallow. It’s such a shame when a good fuck scene ends with the cumshot on the floor, or some place other than your scene partner. With TIM being the one exception–Those guys NEVER waste a cumshot, it’s blasphemy.

  2. Anyone reading this who has a “meh” or a casual reaction to this scene CLEARLY has not seen it! It is one of the BEST clips CF has EVER put up!
    And for a straight guy with open boundaries, Smith does it all…rims, sucks cock, deep throats, deep fucks. His Pete’s Attic interview is even more AWESOME – he talks about fucking his girlfriend in public, having always wanted to do a threesome (either with a guy and girl or TWO GUYS….HELLO!)….and he cops to wanting to have sex with Connor (“who’s the tall hot blonde?” he asks) and says he’s open to ANYTHING!
    Kid is seriously BLAZING HOT!!!! A worthwhile and subscription worthy addition to the stable (even if he never does porn again!).
    Contrast his performance with Ryder’s which was AWFUL (dude kept his eyes closed and barely seemed to be able to stomach looking at Kenny’s nude body).

  3. I agree. This scene was way way hot. Looks like the other mainstream studios will want a piece of him. Pity Sean Cody didn’t get hold of him first.

  4. Smith kept mumbling, “It feels SO fucking good!” when he was inside his partner. Gay4pay or not, a man can’t fake that kind of enjoyment!
    You know a scene is good, when you jerk off more than once while you’re watching it.

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