9 thoughts on “Hairy sex with Joe Parker & Ricky Larkin

  1. i saw this scene. they are both very attractive but the scene wasn’t well done.

  2. Ricky is WAY more attractive than Joe. No offense to Joe but he looks sickly. Ricky has really beefed it up in a good way. Very handsome.

  3. Both are pretty hot in their own way, though I honestly prefer the skinnier version of Ricky Larkin. I love bears but for some reason, I just don’t like him as one.
    Joe Parker on the other hand, fuckin woof. And he’s not G4P. He really stays hard throughout his scenes and can even cum from a handjob WHILE getting fucked.
    With Joe Parker, his cum scenes aren’t heavily edited. Most other vids, some dude says he’s about to cum but then we see a scene cut, then the dude jacks off to cum after the edit. BOO.
    When Joe is a top and he’s ready to cum, he has to pull out, quickly pull the condom off, then cum pretty quickly; all without an edit! Same thing for what I said earlier–while he’s getting fucked, we get to see him cum by being jacked off.
    That guy is a monster and IMO, one of the best gay porn stars to ever grace the industry.

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