19 thoughts on “Then and now on Cooper of FM aka Darren of CF (tip @ Brewster)

  1. When I first saw his pix on CF, I didn’t think he was that appealing, but after watching his video I changed my mind. Great smile and personality, I hope he jumps into some guy/guy action soon. Dawson is going to be envious of that upper body.

  2. I was kinda “ehh…not sure about this one” when I saw the pictures, but I knew I’d seen him somewhere before. But the video completely changed my mind. Sawyer really helped to complete the video and the kissing was hot (IMHO). But to each their own. I’d be willing to bet he’ll probably do one or two vids and be gone. Good job CF on this one!

  3. Agree with Jason, the kissing is phenomenal. Tongues included. I could cum just watching the kissing. Watched it in slow motion, took screen caps. Am I obsessed or what. Plus during the interview, Darren is absolutely charming. Hope he sticks around on CF – can’t wait for what’s next.

  4. I used to hook up with a guy who looked just like him–He was cute, but a total sociopath. We got drunk together one night and he confessed to me his hatred of women, and his elaborate fantasies about kidnapping and killing hookers. That’s when I realized It was best to stay away from him. Have not seen him since. (No local hookers have turned up missing, as far as I know).

  5. Yes. My mistake. Not sure where “Sawyer” came from. I guess the names start running together after a while. Especially with Brayden, Brantley, Bradley. Good grief.

  6. Darren has a great face, a beautiful muscular body and a perfectly shaped big cock. He looks like a great addition to the CF Stable. Lets hope he turns out to be as good a performer as the beautiful and muscular Dawson, Connor, Aiden, Cain, Trey, Chandler, Kent, Ashton, Marc, Lucas, Dru and all the other super stars of the present and past at CF.

  7. He looks a little rode hard and hung out wet. Hardly the ” all american” look i come to expect at Cf; but looks like i am in the minority on this one.

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