10 thoughts on “Soon! Smith and Kellan

  1. Corbin Fisher robbed us subscribers….Kellan fucks Trenton is up on CFS this weekend as the new clip. Meanwhile…not that I didn’t like it, we got Drake and Quinn.
    PS Fans of pre-cum NEED to get all up on the DRake and Quinn clip – Quinn is dripping that drizz like it’s a leaky Crazy Glue spout. And Drake….regardless of what you think about how he looks…is coming across with TONS of potential!
    THIS clip better be for subscribers!!!!!

  2. anything with Smith I will watch hopefully this scene will change my mind about Kellan for the better. I just hope this scene shows up before my membership expires

  3. I really can’t get as excited about CF as much as before. They have some great new guys like Smith, Kellan, Trenton, and Brayden, but their last few freshman have been ho-hum. And, they’re not showcasing some of their best and more experienced talent which is very disappointing.

  4. I don’t know what about kellan people like. Apparently, according to CF, Kellan is one of the most popular models right now. But I find that hard to believe. I’ve seen most of his videos and they were extremely lackluster. They were boring, and he didnt even look like he was into it. So I don’t know why everyone is acting like he is the best thing to happen to CF.

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