22 thoughts on “Deserving or not? Ryan Rose as Man of the Year for Falcon Studios

  1. He seems to be a bit disconnected in his scenes after he left Sean Cody. He’s slowly verging into the ‘another boring’ porn star.

  2. Someone should write a comedy called “Another Boring Porn Star”…
    ….starring Ryan Rose.

  3. Haven’t seen any of his falcon scenes but I always thought he was mundane and boring when he was with SC.

  4. Uh… what has he done to be deserving of it? He’s hot but he’s not their hottest star in my opinion. Someone else is more deserving of that title. Plus he’s had, what, two or three scenes? Not enough to when my vote.

  5. Honestly, I don’t think Bobby’s face truly recovered from that fight. It looks like it’s still swollen. Of course, my eyes may very well have been playing tricks on me.

  6. Wow! That guy delivered a serious beat down on Bobby. Just wow! I have totally no interest in watching him perform. I’m shocked that more people haven’t complained.

  7. I loved Pierce at SC and love Ryan at Falcon. He is one big ruggedly handsome and muscular former Jarhead. He is an especially awesome bottom. Rock on Ryan.

  8. Sorry but he’s not sexy enough. Nice cock but when I see him I would not say that i’m getting turn on.

  9. agreed. His scene with “Cum Eater of the Year” (my description) Trenton Ducati was excellent.

  10. Is he an exclusive for Falcon? I don’t even understand Man of the Year awards in porn. I wonder what criteria Falcon uses to determine the winner? He’s as good a choice as any other model, I suppose. I haven’t watched a memorable Falcon scene in ages.

  11. Falcon Studios? Are they still in business? I haven’t watch one of their staged scenes in two decades.

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