The model in Connor Maguire (tip @ Defiant)

Two scenes of Connor Maguire were released last week. He fucked Scotty Clark at Helix Studios and took part in an orgy at Bound In Public. He was the first to fuck Liam Magnuson, that scene will be released next month.


Like most porn stars, one of Connor's back up plan is to be a model.

From Darkwave Photograpics


From photographer Kenny Chan


As always, kindly refrain from including Connor's non porn name and links in the comment section. Thank you for understanding.

10 thoughts on “The model in Connor Maguire (tip @ Defiant)

  1. I’m not a fan of Bound In Public but Connor is HOT! He must really be doing some serious gym time because he has really packed on some muscle and sculpted his body.

  2. with that face, model what ? even if he did have the looks to model he is too well known in porn (and WAY overused) to ever be a legit model. Porn is filled with guys who are good enough for porn and not much else.

  3. I don’t know. I’ve seen Johnny Hazzard in a few ads here in there and not just on porn magazines.

  4. Johnny Hazard, who is a handsome guy, I believe has also hung out with the fashion crowd and is one of those rare exceptions to the rule. he may be involved in some fashion design himself if i remember correctly. Connor isn’t even handsome by porn standards, he looks like white trash and porn seems to be filled with guys who got lost on the way to modeling careers that never panned out.

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