Are they really a couple – Jake Steel & Peter Stark

There seems to be an implied rule that bareback between porn couples is acceptable even from individuals who advocate condom use. Lucas Entertainment first paired married couple Billy Santoro and Seth Treston. For their second bareback scene, this is what I got in my inbox & now on the front page of Lucas Entertainment.


From Lucas EntertainmentJake and Peter decided they wanted Lucas Entertainment to be where they documented their feelings for one another by having gay raw sex with each other on camera.


Unlike College Dudes, Lucas Entertainment is not ashamed they went bareback.


12 thoughts on “Are they really a couple – Jake Steel & Peter Stark

  1. I don’t think College Dudes is ashamed. They are owned by the same people who do Broke Straight Boys iirc. I just think they have a sloppy website design.

  2. Even if they are it’s still a gimmick. LE is just try to sit on the fence with this portrayal of “monogamous” barebacking, even though most HIV infections usually come from so call monogamous relationships or partners was familiar with. It’s just there way of trying to lessen the backlash by marketing it as “safe”.

  3. @Jay, I agree also. They’re just inept. The Randy Blue website is also a mess… the can’t come up with a consistent naming scheme for their photos to save their life, you do a model search and videos and photo sets are missing. The names of the photos don’t match the models. I’ve seen errors on CF – there are a few videos where if you download the high quality one, you get the medium. the HQ one doesn’t exist – I’ve complained several times and get the equivalent of deer in the headlights. No conspiracy @Denz, just incompetence. Glad you pointed it out though…hopefully, they’ll fix it now.

  4. ok — So according to the description. They met on ManHut — they then CaMed with each other. Then the met ..had dinner together with a little white wine then a fuck — Now they like and having GROUP sex. WOW what a power couple — now they want Miss Lucas to help share their love to the world by filming their BB sex. LOL LOL LOL LOL – For real? I would have SOME respect for them if they just told the truth and not this stupid game…..

  5. So much for Michael Lucas’ hardline stand against bareback porn. Guess the competition was getting all the new money and LE had to “give in” to stay in the game. With the recent announcement of at least 4 porn performers (including gay for pay Rod Daily) being infected with HIV you’d think that these studios would give this new BB trend a second look. While AIDS might now be “manageable” for some there are still people dying from it every day and the management is not always effective, frequently has very unpleasant side effects and can be very very costly.

  6. IN other Lucas News and this is too funny and Via Zack Sires twitter.
    @ZacharySire: Remember when Wilfried Knight died and I ran this image on The Sword and then @MichaelLucasNYC threatened to sue?
    @MichaelLucasNYC accused me of removing the watermark (LOL), when I actually found the image here after Googling … …
    @MichaelLucasNYC cared and loved his deceased friend Wilfried so much, he demanded we pay him $10,000 for use of his dead friend’s photo! Instead, I just replaced the image. (Sorry @MichaelLucasNYC…you’ll have to get your botox money from someone else.)

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