23 thoughts on “Too much facial hair?

  1. Fanz is starting to look like an unkempt homeless vagrant or backwood mountain man. I’m sure someone finds him attractive but I certainly don’t. His next movie should be titled “Fuck Dynasty”.

  2. He looks better than James in my opinion. James looks like this guy that works at my local Best Buy: long hair with a long beard that needs to be shaved. Only difference is that James really doesn’t have to shave his whereas this dude’s working in a place of business.

  3. I’m the last guy to complain about body hair. Infact, I’ve scolded the gay community for having this obsession with the smooth, prepubescent look—That being said, that beard looks disgusting. There’s being hairy, and then there’s THAT.

  4. I’m a fan of red heads, but yeah, the beard could use a trim (don’t mind the bushy red pubes though 😉 I’m wondering during the rimming scene if Jimmy was tickled from that hairy-ass beard! lol

  5. Whatever, I think James Jameson looks hot as fuck–always has and always will. I love his beard and the grizzly mountain man vibe he’s got going on. Good for him for appearing on his own terms, and not giving a fuck about the opinions of a bunch stupid-as-shit sixty-something-year-old queens who want everyone to look like a cookie cutter version of the guy at the gay bar that they were drooling over in 1994 but was, sadly, out of their league even then. BTWs, look at young men nowadays–they’ve got beards. I’m pretty sure that’s the case even in the podunk strip mall Best Buy suburban shitholes you all seem to live in… just saying.

  6. That thing JJ has is not a beard–It looks like he spent 20 years collecting the pubes from a jacuzzi drain, at an Irish bath house!

  7. JJ look same a Robertson family member, from Duck Dynasty, the American reality television series 🙂

  8. Except that is what a beard looks like, if the beardee grows it to that length and has red hair. Are you able to grow some freakishly silky and straight beard which doesn’t resemble pubic hair and isn’t (mostly) the color of hair on your head? Congratulations–that’s sounds waaaay freakier to me.

  9. Jimmymack, I have no problems with beards–A beard can be very sexy on a man (In fact, I am currently dating a man who sports a beard). But just like everything else in life, there is such a thing as ‘too much’.

  10. E.J, Right. Because there are just SO many gay porn stars that are rocking giant beards that we have to nip this disturbing trend in the bud by shitting all over it, right? No. The numbers are more like… grand total of 1: James Jamesson. We can certainly leave the ONE guy alone to do his “too much” beard thing without trying to discipline him back to conforming to our boring typecasts. And while I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, that also means that I’m entitled to let the above commentators know that their opinions suck and are really, really stupid. Just saying.

  11. The big homeless beard is a turn off, but mutton chops and a handle bar mustache, now that would be sexy! 🙂 jk. I like a little facial but omg, not that much.

  12. James has gotten much much sexier since he let his body hair grow back.
    The beard, hummm, it seems it got out of control.
    Anyway I would NOT throw him out of bed because of it.

  13. James Jamesson is extremely hot with that sexy huge beard. I hope he keeps growing it bigger!

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