There is a rumor that Kingsley Rippon was murdered

Kingsley Rippon is fairly new to gay porn. He is a British porn star who worked for porn studios such as UK Naked Men [solo & action] and Blake Mason.

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His own site now has the message "R.I.P. Kingsley Rippon".


But, a fan of his on twitter is saying he was murdered.


According to UK Hot Jocks (the last guys Kingsley tweeted), it is still a rumor since there is no official statement from family or police.

14 thoughts on “There is a rumor that Kingsley Rippon was murdered

  1. It would seem that working in the porn industry significantly increases the odds that you’ll be one of the following: a murder victim, a suicide victim, a drug overdose victim, or the perpetrator in a homicide.

  2. Regarding the comment from EJ, there are literally thousands of current and former porn actors who have lived happy, healthy, drug-free lives. A few tragic stories do not represent the whole industry. Let’s skip the snap judgments. Save some positive thoughts, instead, for Kingsley and his family and friends.

  3. I would be curious to see the corroborating statistics, And I am certain I’ve heard the anti-porn people mention this before, but porn performers do indeed have high incidences of suicides and homicides versus other occupations.
    While the correlation may be debatable, it has been mentioned and noted.

  4. So, has it been confirmed that he actually passed away? Was there a body they recovered? This is a bit odd, and he’s right about that video, it all of a sudden cuts off mid-speech. You hear a noise like a door suddenly opening, and then before that you hear the dog begin to bark uncontrollably.
    Also, was he broadcasting this youtube video live? My understanding on uploading youtube videos is beginners level, so it’s a bit odd that it would get uploaded like that if there was a struggle that began right then and there.

  5. That really smells of a hoax. He’s not the greatest actor.
    KingsleyRipFans also tweeted:
    “there was poison discovered at the scene as well as signs of struggle”
    So they struggled with him the force fed him poison? Sounds legit.
    Kingsley probably controls that twitter account himself.

  6. I wonder if he dubbed the sound effects in later because he’s not reacting to them in a normal way. I don’t think you’d keep talking at the same volume while a dog continued to yap loudly.
    The volume of the dog’s bark sounds too loud for it to be in another room, and if it was in the same room, surely he would look at it or talk to it if it barked unexpectedly.
    5:34-5:36 – isn’t that the sound of a dog snorting which he’s failed to cut out of the sample? Is its nose supposed to be right next to the camera?
    The video cuts off while nobody else is in the room because he still looks perfectly calm so what, they cut the power? What for? It’s broad daylight.

  7. If you check his domain name on WhoIs, it gives you his real name and address. Now isn’t it curious there’s been this brutal murder and it didn’t even make the local news.

  8. Actually, no need. His husband IS a policeman and he doesn’t seem terribly grief-stricken in his daily tweets. In fact he hasn’t even mentioned it.

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