If you support condom use, don’t make it disappear.

The safest supposedly bareback scene is finally here. Falcon Studios just released the first scene of their digitally removed condom movie titled California Dreamin’. They explained “We vigorously support condom use in our films and scenes because we feel strongly that the safety of our actors is our responsibility. Our company is behind condom use in gay erotica 100%, and we’re exploring how to make condom scenes that use production and post-production techniques to mitigate the visual of condoms which many, many customers find distracting.

If they were serious in mitigating the visual of condoms that customers find distracting, they surely did it in a very lazy manner.

The condom is still very visible in the photos.


In the grainy preview of the scene, I still can see the line of the condom.


It looks like a failure but they actually achieved their one and only goal in this marketing ploy – to make us talk & re-visit the website so that their disappearing condoms customers re-appear.