68 thoughts on “POLL Who among the Dean’s List of Corbin Fisher would you like to return the most?

  1. My apologies Gnormie. You are not having a stroke. I forgot to include an explanation that I edited the post. I only added spaces in the names for search engine purposes – your comment is intact.
    I try to avoid receiving threatening emails. By adding spaces, this post will not show up in the search results for their names.

  2. Yeah, von Schlomo, had to do some searching to make sure I wasn’t going crazy:
    Yes, Dave was “The Everyman” on the Dean’s List. He’s listed as a dean’s lister on CFphotography. His wallpaper is still in Extracurricular of the main CF site. And he has a semi-profile on the vids for ACS (no stats; just summary, pics and video links).
    Members of other blogs/forums (like JUB) have also questioned his disappearance, but I haven’t found any credible confirmed explanation.
    If Denz can weigh in, maybe it has something to do with his post https://menofporn.typepad.com/menofporn/2013/07/you-can-taste-dave-of-corbin-fisher.html which was updated to say Dave was in the military now?

  3. Travis was such a gorgeous pig with the best cumming face and so cum hungry, but Jeff and Dru were nipping at his tail, so to speak. I especially am hot for Jeff having found out that he was arrested many times, though not a felon.

  4. Travis was definitely an amazing bottom but I don’t think he’s “sweet” or innocent. Check out the post on this blog from a month or two ago. Like Jeff, he was also arrested, but for breaking and entering back in 2004. The mugshot used to be online but it’s now disappeared.

  5. I really like Jared and would love to see him again.
    There are so many good ones here thou :{

  6. Was that Travis? I thought Bryan Cavallo was the one who had the record for breaking and entering.

  7. Nope, it was “Travis”. I would give the real name but were not allowed on this blog but it was him. He was 20 yrs old apparently and it was in Michigan.

  8. Right?! Ethan was such a sexy bottom. He was totally under appreciated and lost in the mix of the height of CF performers. His body was on point and has the prettiest eyes.

  9. Austin, Brent, Cody, Derek, Elijah, Jared, Nick, TJ, Travis and Trevor. Isn’t Logan in trouble with the law?

  10. Seems like it is close to a tie between Cade: 267 and Travis: 260 with a strong showing by Austin: 206 and Derek: 187. Not a runaway like the SC poll in which Jamie bested the second place guy by over 80 votes.

  11. I was beginning to think I was the only one who loved Zeke. That body and those eyes. Zeke, Austin and Aiden in a 3-some would be incredible.

  12. Austin only topped once and that was with Lucas….i would have liked to see top more…

  13. it was hot as hell…….my favorite scene with Cade was when he topped Austin……at the end he was fucking Austin so hard and fast he just shot his load right into Austin, not even pulling out….once he was done he pulled his cock out of Austin and there was a very big load of cum in his condom.

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