Scene review by Alias74 on Gabe and Blake of Sean Cody


Overall Impression: This clip completely reminds me WHY I stopped subscribing to Sean Cody – While the performers here are both equally gorgeous, the editing and cutting KILLS any momentum generated by Gabe’s (seeming) aggressive fucking of enthusiastic bottom Blake. There is nary a shot lasts for more than a minute before it cuts to a completely different angle, interrupting the audio and the flow of the scene. Add to that HORRIBLE camera work – a LOT of missed opportunities to showcase Gabe’s bubble butt rippling as he fucks or even Blake’s ROCK HARD cock as he gets plundered, AND not one, but TWO botched cum shots wherein Blake’s two explosive firework-like cumshots are blocked and not covered well – and quite frankly, despite the touting from various gay porn blogs about this scene, there’s only a marginal recommendation to see this. Hope Gabe’s second shoot goes better. DOWNLOAD FOR LATER



  • Uncut cock lovers rejoice: Gabe’s impressive anteater-style cock is a BEAUTY!!!! And bonus? It’s a banana dick (bending downward). Watch for the priceless (and undeniably sexy) moment around 5:50 or thereabouts where he fucks into Blake and pulls all the way out and his cock “re-sheaths” itself. *swoon*
  • Speaking of beauty, Gabe (although strangely red all around the eyes) has really gorgeous movie star looks (Google image Brando Eaton…Gabe looks like his steroided doppleganger).
  • Blake takes that size-able cock like a champ – even getting several forced, DEEP facefucks from Gabe resulting in some HOT neck-vein bulging gags (!)


  • In the second fuck portion of the scene (read: after the first cumshots), Gabe turns on the aggressive fucking…pounding, slamming, going balls deep. Starts to look like a grudge-fuck. They even revisit the Inverted Vase pose from the first portion of the scene only Gabe is braced on the couch and is in a push up position for stability (guess he liked that pose).


  • Blake’s cumshots are AWESOME!!!! His first cumshot produces monster spurts that just keep hosing out of his cock like someone left a faucet on and his second money shot ROCKETS cum over his head followed by rapid fire splatter shots all over his chest and torso. Makes me hate my dribbling….


  • Take everything you just read about in the “Pros” section here and realize that it all happens in a choppily edited and stitched together clip where the action and shots (even if the camera is panning and moving) last no longer than a minute or so followed by a (sometimes jarring) cut to another angle or reaction shot from the performers. Makes me believe that one of the performers – maybe Gabe – had problems staying hard for the duration.
  • The opening pirate joke by Blake in the opening interview scene should NEVER be repeated in public. EVER.
  • For the first half of the scene, Gabe seems to go right into the dreaded “sex zombie” mode – eyes closed, fucking away blindly with zero feeling despite throwing out a “That’s good” or a “feels nice” here and there.
  • For once I’m complaining that the shots focused on penetration when they should have been focusing more on the beautiful site of Gabe’s ample, bubble butt shaking and rippling as he fucked (should have been more showcasing of the bodies here). Also a golden opportunity to capture an enthusiastic bottom getting split open while maintaining a HUGE boner was completely missed here.
  • BAD FRAMING AND SHOOTING of the cum shots: I don’t know if they were training a new videographer or something, but each of Blake’s cumshots are BLOCKED or FRAMED badly by Camera A but we at least see it in full from the Camera B angle in the replay – when we see Blake cum the first time in standing doggy, he literally shoots out of frame, his cock blocked by his thighs, and his voluminous shots can’t be seen. And in the second cum shot, Gabe’s positioning and the angle cheats us out of Blake’s amazing spurts! Bad camera man….your A camera and master shots should capture ALL of the action and well enough to be supported by the B shots. This could also account for the editing of the scene overall – editors can only work with what the camera gives them.