Scene review by Alias74 on Kent Fucks Truman from Corbin Fisher

If at first you don't succeed…. Corbin Fisher ponies up Truman's spreadable ass for another bottoming clip after his first nervous, lackluster cherry pop with Kenny. This time, it's dependable, pink-skinned hottie Kent doing the honors to much better results.

Overall Impression: THIS is the clip that should have been Truman's first excursion into anal annihilation. Blame the dreck of that first cherry pop scene on his nervousness (and maybe scene partner), but by jove, I think the boy has GOT IT! While Kent carries the lion’s share of the early proceedings here – dirty talk, taking the aggressive lead, and pounding some man-hole into oblivion, Truman jettisons the dead fish act and grunts, grimaces, and finally shows us the kind of reactions and body signals that can only come from getting drilled….HARD. And BONE-us? His cock stays mostly ROCK HARD for the proceedings. He's got a long way to go before becoming a porn star or even half the show-off Kent is; there is a lot of bad direction here where Truman seems to forget the point of a good porn performance is to show off his body for the camera. But somehow it all works in the clip's favor.


And for the love of Dumbledore…Truman, please work on your cock sucking skills. PLEASE! WANK WORTHY!


Action Breakdown: Clip opens with a very fit, coiffed Kent body worshipping Truman as he reclines on a chaise lounge. There's some toe sucking, about a minute of rimming and Kent goes down on Truman but not that far as per usual. Eventually Truman straddles Kent and gets a fairly rough, cowboy-fuck session. Truman moves onto his stomach and Kent plunges in for more, segueing from doggy to monkey-fuck. Kent stops and makes Truman gag on his engorged cock, fucks him missionary, and then both guys erupt in man juice. Fade to black as the camera sweeps over their spent bodies.


Scene MVP: Truman definitely delivered here – great shots of him bouncing on Kent's cock with a bouncing hard on, pushing back like a hungry bottom in training. I was even a little turned on by his lackluster oral skills if only for the fact that I counted him gagging at least 6 times on Kent’s dick and clearly looking a bit put off. But KENT is the MVP – pulverizing Truman's hole, even when Truman tries to hold him back in the final missionary position.


Money shots: Kent's gloriously, swollen red cock (that thing looked like it was going to BURST!) fires off impressive long streams – 6 or 7 geysers worth – that fly and hit Truman in the chest and left shoulder. First attempts to jam his fuckstick back in fail, but Kent surprises himself by staying hard and plunges back in for the Corbin creampie. Truman delivers 5 blasts, the first two of which jet out in big shots (in two different directions no less!).


Cinematography/Editing: The video good will birthed by the performances here almost gets UNDONE by some queer editing (pun intended) and a few stray bad lighting instances (undershots are marred by shadows cast by Kent's HUGE BALLS; and what’s up with that shot in doggy where there’s a stripe of harsh light right down the center of the shot?). The balance here gets tipped towards side shots of the action versus close ups and medium shots of the penetration (although there are plenty of those). In the classic sense of the two camera set-up, when you only see wide side shots, it’s hard to tell if actual fucking is occurring. And while the editing sets it up to be a real time event, eagle eyes will catch the splices, especially when performers end up rock hard in the next instant. And MAJOR PET PEEVE: Theres a shot here where it appears that Kent makes Truman ATM but there is no consistent camera track to show this.

Scene Highlight(s):

  • 4:40 min – Kent goes in to suck Truman's cock and Truman facefucks two deep thrusts causing Kent to gag violently and then say, "Whoah EASY….you're ready to go!"
  • 8:13 min – There is one of those splices and then Kent is further down on the chaise fucking up HARD into an astride Truman. He screams out "DAT ASS" (yes….he says that) and even spreads Truman's cheeks so we can see a better shot of him getting fucked.


  • Final Missionary portion is one for the books – Kent plunges in and it's clear Truman can't take the depth, pushing back with his hands. Kent throws caution to the wind and just pounds away, prompting Truman to yelp out and roll his eyes back and grimace. Not everyday a straight guy gets his hole pounded. HOT!

21 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on Kent Fucks Truman from Corbin Fisher

  1. Nice recap, but this scene was a total fail for me. First and foremost I miss the small talk between the models and director. It really is the best time to size up the chemistry of the mm
    Odell’s. Sean Cody jettisoned this format but brought it back after complaints, which I applaud SC. Unfortunately this scene opens with both. Guys fully naked with Kent looking like he is dry kissing Cheerios off Truman’s leg. Truman , as you noted, is a total dead fish eyes closed performance. It signals to me the model is only interested in getting the hell away and doing badly, gay porn for the money. I use to be a huge fan of CF but because they have ruined the opening with no stripping, foreplay or chat, I just can’t get in to them. I have writtened CF and of course no response. I now am thankful for Sean Cody and the recent return of Noel , paired up with Stu, doing all the right things at the get go. Guys excited, smiling, small talk, the stripping of clothes, making out, and all that stuff horny guys do before sex

  2. Two very hot guys. Kent is an awesome top man. Truman is good looking and built tough. Looks like he is being groomed to be a bottom man at CF. YES!

  3. This review sounds like a video game review from a high school kid. The violent language is a puerile substitute for a coherent critique. If this is an indication of where this site is going I think I’ll pass on it.

  4. Goodbye, Corbin Fisher. You were, for a long time, the reigning king of hot guys, hot ideas, and hot bareback content.
    Now you’ve become lame, repetitive, stale, and unimaginative. Your models always had a ‘certain’ look which we appreciated but there was still some variety (Connor Aiden and Smith all look similar but very distinct from one another). The new crop of guys, however, I could not tell them apart in a police line-up. Add to that, they performances are lackluster and devoid of energy and passion. You may as well hand them the money on camera, and coerce them into the sex, as they do over at BrokeStraightBoys.
    Also, you camera work, which was never the greatest to begin with, has gotten even worse. It looks like the camera guy is a voyeur who’s filming clandestinely as is afraid to get right up in the action. Take some lessons from SeanCody on good porn camera work. Oh and thanks for screwing us paying members of your main site, by shifting the GOOD content to CFSelect so that we have to pay extra to get something we already paid you for. (Check out CFSelect, you’ll see what I mean)
    Anyhow, I am done with you. Perhaps in the future, if you return to normal, I will renew my membership. I dare say a lot of paying members feel the same way.

  5. Not sure I viewed it that way; your response is a bit harsh. While I agree the review is abit long, I found the format interesting and a nice break from the usual blog posts. Keep it up Alias, but a bit more editing could help?

  6. Totally agree!!!!! I was a long time fan but 2013 CF really went a long way down. CF is always known for it ups and downs and I stuck with them, but the last 6 months they have hit rock bottom. Love the comment about Broke Straight Boys, totally spot on. The CF guys just seem, with the exception of a few, went from hot boy next door, to goofy sexless g4p boy next door. Is Corbin still alive?

  7. I agree. The first review was amusing, but it’s a little too much now with the trying to be cute/clever.

  8. I just watched Truman on Flirt4Free. He looks even more muscular in that medium than in the hot bottoming scene with Kent. Truman is a great new addition for CF.

  9. “… it’s a little too much now with the trying to be cute/clever.”
    It’s definitely something.
    I think you’re on to something. It’s like the review is 10 times more dramatic than it needs to be. I kinda cringe as I read at how every sentence, every word is so, I dunno, hyper? For lack of a better word.
    Alias, are you so motivated by every CF scene that you craft such long reviews? Serious question.
    In this one, the summary is a full 13 lines of text, when one compound sentence would do.

  10. “THANKS EVERYBODY”….Enjoyed reading all the (++) and (–) comments regarding this scene.
    I’m just happy to see TRUMAN doing more work at ACM. I feel it in my bones that a CFSelect Video is in the brew.
    THANKS – Alias74 for commentary,..and…DENZ for allowing it as a regular MoP feature. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Too much verbiage for a scene that warrants only a line or two. Can’t see Truman lasting long. He doesn’t look happy. Meanwhile over at CFSelect, there’s the sizzling 4 guy Tahoe fuck fest. That is a scene worth reviewing!

  12. Thanks for letting us know that John, but that drives home the point I was making that CFSelect is a ‘fuck you’ to us CF subscribers who are already paying for the main site.
    CF is shifting their better content to CFSelect, and the main site is getting mediocre.

  13. How about Colt? Both Colt and Truman were on Flirt4Free today (separately) I ask Truman if there was a chance that he and Colt might do a scene together. He said: “there might be a chance”, sounds to me like its already done.

  14. “Puerile”…
    My intent: actual real reviews of porn scenes motivated by my 30+ years watching all kinds of PORN (straight, gay, bi, transgender, lesbian, softcore, reality, gonzo, fetish). There are little to no good review sites of clips/porn films save for gossip sites that are promoting affiliates to make money by you reading a write up and then clicking through the window to join.
    My style…beyond being wordy (a CONSTANT complaint…even when I interview porn stars)…is to give the reviews a little bit of fun and enthusiasm – think “Entertainment Weekly” (pop, fun, colloquial) versus “Film Comment” (serious, literary, analytical). But also to spark discussion amongst you the readers and hopefully to let the sites know what works or doesn’t work. I hope that my reviews at least give you guys a jumping off point to decide if you want to join a site for a scene while providing long time fans a way to talk about a scene or favorite performers in the context of the site and/or performers’ own history as well.
    Quite frankly I understand the wordy and “verbose” criticisms as well as “over the top” but wow. I’m not the vitriol of a Zach Sire, and I take the time to craft something enjoyable at least. But I MAY be two parts Roger Ebert one part Nathan Lane.
    And to think I was thinking about starting my own review site.
    For those with constructive criticism, I thank you and Denz and I have been having multiple discussions about how to keep reviews of CF, SC, and CM (obvi the sites I belong to) a mainstay here at MOP while fiddling with the review format.

  15. love love love your reviews. Keep up the film comment comments. LOL about the orson wells reference! Maybe more about the rimming contents of each scene but overall, great work!

  16. I don’t really know that it’s a complete “fuck you” to the members. Although I agree that Scandanavia was MUCH better on CFS than it was on ACM.
    As a business, the company shouldn’t be faulted for enticing members and non-members alike to see stellar clips for their dollars.
    Yes…it rings like a shallow “double dip” scenario but I will be honest with you: I used to get almost ALL of the CFS clips and they almost NEVER disappoint.
    And while I see the point of many who have grown tired of late of the clips, pairings, etc on Corbin Fisher, as someone who has been watching porn for quite some time: these complaints ebb and flow and return CONSTANTLY…it’s why there is so much turnover in performers. CF is pretty good at what they do and maybe this is just a cycling down period.

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