An update on Johnny Forza and Donny Forza (tips @ Joshua & Dutch Dude)

The most recent update at Daddy Mugs is a scene of Johnny Forza, as a bottom to the porn site owner.


The supposedly brother of Johnny, Donny Forza (aka Leif, Sage & Troy Admiral), did a live cam show at Chaturbate. His username is YouKnowIGotIt and he was looking for girls in Florida during the live cam show and his profile stated he was interested with women and couples.


On Johnny's personal webpages, "brother" Donny is nowhere to be found.

19 thoughts on “An update on Johnny Forza and Donny Forza (tips @ Joshua & Dutch Dude)

  1. It’s depressed how handsome Johnny had to get fucked by that old man. My guess is he needed money, but if he really did, he could have chose other better choices. I’m sure there are many famous studios willing to film him.

  2. Oh Johnny, you gotta start making better decisions. Daddy Mugs? Was the money really that good?

  3. Yes, it’s tragic- but you have to do what you have to do (to get those bills paid)
    What makes this even worse is that he’s getting fucked by the dirty site owner. Exploitation….
    Johnny was soft the ENTIRE time (in the preview.)

  4. Exactly my thoughts. Ain’t worried about his “brother.” Come on Johnny. You can do better than that. At least BSB, gave you more “attractive” models to work with. For some, that’s not saying much. But vs. Daddy Mugs, even I have my gross point. And Daddy Mugs is it.

  5. Christ, I thought fucking Dallas Reeves was sinking low but Daddy Mugs? Keep him out of California or he’ll be at TIM next.

  6. There are some guys who simply do not belong in front of the camera. Jake Cruise is at the top of that list for me. Second? Daddy Mugs. Ick.

  7. His look in that screenshot of the video player is PRICELESS!
    And yeah….sinking low = desperate? Low self esteem? In need of rent money?

  8. This drives the point home, that these men are indeed gay4pay. If you’re not attracted to men and are only doing it for the money, then fucking a Daddy Mugs is no different to you than fucking a Brandon from SeanCody. The attraction is irrelevant because it’s not there to begin with. For those of you who still insists that many of these men are subconsciously gay or bisexual, maybe this will convince you? (though, I doubt it).
    Oh and I know there’s still a doubt as to the Forza brothers being related. But they DO look alike enough to lend creedence to that.

  9. Oh, God! Why, Johnny? If you were going to be with an older man, I could stomach you being with Jake Cruise (though I’d rather see you with Bryan Ockert from CM).

  10. They’re definitely not related. They made a joke about it via Twitter or whatever when Donny was revealed as the new Dallas Reeves exclusive.
    It’s solely marketing I think – like back in halcyon days of gay porn when they made stars cousins and siblings just because they could because no one was going to research it or validate it.

  11. I agree will you completely. A gay or Bisexual man (even one with low self-esteem) would not make this sort of decision. He could work for also any studio he wants, and with hot guys. But if you only care about the money, then it matters more to you than who is fucking you. Not sure if I can go back and look at his previous scenes the same way.

  12. The Forzas are not brothers! Holy crap guys are you that clueless or is your hard on blocking your vision? They are both gay for pay and being used up by every porn site. Obviously money, drugs and booze coaxed internet porn trash that will soon be washed up and on Craigslist hooking for money down in Orlando….

  13. Bullshit. Many of these G4P guys won’t escort with a black dude, but they do it with old fat white guys just for money? All money is green. So one of 2 things need to be true for this to be the case; they are racists (which is unlikely because many of these same dudes will fuck a black girl), or they aren’t straight and there has to be an attraction to the guy they’re fucking.

  14. Honey, get ready for it because one day, you too will be old. It’s inevitable. Only thing you can do to stop it, is to die young. One day you’ll be old and lusting after the young guys yourself. So don’t knock the old guys who are getting a hot little piece of ass. Point to be made here also: Old guy’s got his cock in Johnny’s ass…. And you don’t. Think on that for a bit.

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