Vadim Black is out of Broke Straight Boys

When Johnny Forza left Broke Straight Boys, I thought Vadim Black could have filled that void of Johnny's departure when his solo was released last January 2014.


But, he is out of Broke Straight Boys. He is now with Dallas Reeves and his first scene will be released next week, April 17, 2014.

Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_05 Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_06 
Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_07 Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_08 

Like most of the models of Dallas Reeves, Vadim is now on twitter and even shared his baby photo.


Also shared on twitter, his shoot with Damian Christopher Photography.

Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_10 Vadim_black_brokestraightboys_to_dallasreeves_11

13 thoughts on “Vadim Black is out of Broke Straight Boys

  1. Yeah, stunningly cute, nice, tight body but his ass is kinda flat and oddly shaped…dick is made for bottoming! Love the natural body and pubes.

  2. Very beautiful boy but what a stupid choice in new studios. He should have picked a quality studio. Maybe none were interested??

  3. Every studio has it’s flaws I suppose, but I would have liked to have seen him go somewhere that could provide a stable of scene partners that would be more his equal. He sort of has the look of a Corbin Fisher or bottom. I’d say @von Schlomo is probably right in terms of his size putting him more in the bottom category, so I didn’t really see him replacing Johnny Forza. Also, you not only have to have a more sizable penis/frame, but also that cocky shit-talking swagger to be a replacement top for Forza. If we’re lucky, his stint at Dallas Reeves will be short lived and good practice for the bigger studios.

  4. I’ve got to say, Vadim did take to being porked like a duck to water…but that seepage business in the last video could really have done with being addressed.

  5. Who’s the hot blond rocking the 70’s porn stache he’s fucking in the second to last BSB photo???
    Meanwhile…how do we know he’s OUT? Just because he signed as an “exclusive”?

  6. It’s Tate Thompson…I think it was posted on some BSB forum that Vadim left the company

  7. I thought he was hot when I watched his scene at BSB, and now seeing that is the guy who just signed with DallasReeves I will have to check him out there. Would love to see Johnny Forza fuck him bareback.

  8. It looks like Vadim is adding some muscle to his smokin hot body. Whatever studios he works for, he will be great to watch. I see him more as an awesome bottom to some hunky tops. He has a sexy “come hither” look that studs should find hard to resist.

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