The bottom in Haigan Sence, with & without a condom

Majority of Haigan Sence's hardcore scenes in gay porn had him as a top such as his work with Men [profile], Chaos Men [profile], Corbin Fisher [profile] and Southern Strokes [profile].


He did bottom. For his first time, it was bareback, courtesy of Connor at Corbin Fisher.


For his second time, it will be a condom scene, titled Virgin Hunter, with Tom Faulk at Men. It will be released in a couple of hours.


6 thoughts on “The bottom in Haigan Sence, with & without a condom

  1. The new scene has the awful trend of fake fucking at the 14:32 mark just as Haigan is about to cum. It’s really pitiful acting really.

  2. 1) Dude is pretty fucking hot, but a lifeless porn zombie a la Leo Giamini.
    2) Could never stay hard.
    3) With all the choking and aggressive dirty talk, I wonder about him….
    4) Also wonder about WHY he was in a full on long sleeve top in this scene? Offensive tattoo? Wounds on his body? Unsightly pudge? Makes you wonder….

  3. I think Tom Faulk wants to move away from his pretty bottom boy past. It seems to me that his beautiful plump ass is going to mean a lot more bottom scenes in his future.

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