The singer in Adam Ramzi (tip @ TrisWang)

In gay porn, Adam Ramzi [twitter] is known for his work as a versatile performer at Raging Stallion.


When not in porn, he is a grad student studying clinical psychology dedicated to the LGBT community. As an LGBT psychologist, he was asked by Falcon Studios to define his sexuality.

This is a big part of my studies, and I’ve been feeling far more affirmed in my gay identity, while also embracing the binary-challenging notions of what it is to be “queer.”  Not only the distinction of gender and sexual orientation, but also the butch-femme, top-bottom roles that we’ve found ourselves in. I think there’s a fluidity between all these things that I’m just now beginning to explore. (Basically, I’m vers, if that helps boil it down!)

Besides school, he loves to sing and shared his talent for us to see on You Tube.